Truck Route

What will you have available on the truck when you stop at ___________

We keep a product list on our website at Product List – Off the Hook Seafood ( with all our frozen items. You can also see the up-to-date list of fresh items we have in stock on the front page of our site under the “Today’s Catch” portion of our home page at Seafood North Dakota | North Dakota Seafood | Off the Hook Seafood ( 

When is the next time you will be coming to _____________

We make our schedule accessible on our website at Off the Hook Seafood Truck Route | Seafood North Dakota ( We make each stop as listed unless weather conditions prevent us from driving. To get updates for each stop please join the text list for the location near you. 

Do you accept EBT?

We are working towards this goal, but currently we have not received approval to accept SNAP benefits.

How can I get notified when you will be in my area?

You can join the text list pertaining to your location. From this list Off the Hook Seafood Truck Route | Seafood North Dakota (, simply text the name of the town for which you’d like the reminder and send it to the number 888-457-1411!

Do I need to pre-order?

Pre-ordering is not required, but it is available if you’d like to ensure that we have all the items you’re looking for when we stop at your location. You can place your pre-order through our website at Pre Order form – Off the Hook Seafood (, only orders placed through the website will be filled (please no calls or Facebook messages for arranging pre-orders). 

Do you ship?
Yes, you can order through our website at SeafoodOffTheHookFargo and get it shipped directly to you if you are unable to make it to our Mobile Seafood Market at one of our scheduled stops.

Can I get gift cards from your Mobile Seafood Market?

Yes, we offer gift cards in any amount. Just let our driver know how much you’d like to purchase, and they will load the card for you.