Where do you get your seafood from?

Mainly from the ocean….Ha! But seriously, we have vendors on all three coasts that we source from. We receive fresh product into Fargo several times per week and get shipments of frozen items every other week.

Is your seafood wild or farmed?

We strive to source wild caught fish and seafood whenever possible. Some items simply aren’t available wild caught; in those cases, we use farmed product from vendors with the best farming practices.

If I place an order can you ship it to my home?

Right now we fufill orders only through direct pick up at one of our many regular stops. We have plans to expand our operations in the near future with a redesigned website to allow online ordering and direct delivery to your home.

How long can I keep fresh product before I need to use it?

We encourage you to try to use fresh items within 24-48 hours of purchase when possible, if you can’t use it withing this time consider freezing it for later.

Can I freeze the fresh fish I bought if I can’t use it in time?

Yes, fresh product can be frozen for later use.

What’s the best method for freezing fresh seafood?

We recommend vacuum sealing if possible. Another option is placing your shrimp or fish in a large Ziploc freezer bag and filling with water to cover the product.

I’m doing a seafood boil for the first time, how long should I cook everything?

Great question, timing is important when doing a boil. We season our water with the boil seasoning and add whole baby potatoes first. Bring it to a boil and cook 6-8 minutes or so. Add corn on the cob and sausage next and cook for 4-5 minutes. Then add your seafood towards the end of your boil, crab or crawfish (thawed) need about 5-6 minutes with shrimp only needing 3 minutes or so.

How do I know where I can find your mobile seafood market?

We have a set route and keep the same consistent rotating schedule to make it easy for customers to know where we will be. You can find our monthly calendar with the locations of our stops on the website www.seafoodoth.com or by joining our Facebook group “Off The Hook Seafood Sales”.

Can I place an order and have somebody else pick it up?

Yes you can, we can take a payment via card over the phone when your order is picked up.

How do I place an order?

You can place an order through our website to ensure we’ll have what you are wanting. When placing your order, you’ll be asked to indicate where you will be picking up your order. Direct shipping isn’t available at this time, but we will be working toward that goal in the near future.

How can I see what items you carry?

We have a full list of our frozen products as well as breading mixes, seasonings and other items on our website www.seafoodoth.com. Fresh items change on a regular basis, we update our list regularly and make it available on the website as well as our Facebook group “Off The Hook Seafood Sales”.

Do you do special orders if I’m looking for something specific?

We do our best to fill special orders if the product is available through any of our vendors. We typically require a deposit when placing the order and depending on the item requested there may be a minimum amount required.