Seafood North Dakota Has been selling and serving fish as good as anything you’ll find along the seashore with a line out the door. Hurry up in a small town just outside of Fargo my experience with seafood is like that of many midwesterners. It was mainly tuna hot dish fish sticks and the occasional walleye or northern pike with a graced out dinner table. We began Off The Hook seafood as a locally owned brick and mortar store, but we soon realized that the rest in North Dakota needed a quality seafood option as well. That began our mobile seafood market, with the mission to bring seafood to the rest of North Dakota.

If you’re looking for the best Seafood North Dakota has to offer then Off The Hook Seafood is a place for you. These are harvested in the North Atlantic and they have a super sweet firm that will be a smile on your face. If you visit a product list you have probably seen all the quality options we have. We have reviewed crabs and over three different types. but we also have lobster. We have cold water lobster tails and these are superior to any other you can find. These come in 45 Oz medium and jumbo sizes so no matter what you’re looking for you will find it a lobster tail for you.

So when you’re trying to find the best Seafood North Dakota Off The Hook Seafood is where you need to check out. These baby octopus are actually full grown and they come out with a wide variety of dishes that include seafood salad soup and grills. In addition to all the tasty crab scallop Lobster options that we have, we have many more. We have some specialty items under your shirt. We find out when these two to four pound octopus are cooked they have a consistency similar to lobster. It’s a mild flavor and it is great for different seasoning options.If you want the yummiest Seafood then come check us out.

After you have experienced the muscles melting in your mouth you should check out the scallops. We have two different types of scallets for your tasting pleasure. The sea scallops are much larger and considered the candy of the sea. They have an incredible flavor in our best with a quick Pan sear. The base scallops are slightly smaller and sweeter tasting and can be used with pasta scampi’s and sauces. They are both sure to melt in your mouth.

for more information questions or concerns go check out our website or give us a call at or 701-850-6209 we know that with all of our Seafood options in the highest of quality you are going to be 100% satisfied and thrilled that you will be leaving our facility within a pool happy tummy.

Seafood North Dakota | The sea knows you’re worth

Here at Seafood North Dakota We aim to meet all of our customers’ center of the plate protein needs including seafood, beef, pork, and poultry. We are a family-owned and operated company dedicated to providing the healthiest protein on the planet. In recent years, we have evolved from a commodity-based processing company to include robust value-added capabilities meeting the needs of today’s consumers.Whenever we started this Mission there were almost no options for Quality Seafood. We began Off The Hook Seafood as a locally owned brick and mortar store whenever you start there were almost no options for quality seafood. but we soon realized that the rest in North Dakota needed a quality seafood option as well.

If you want to find the best Seafood North Dakota look no farther than off the hook. In addition to the lobster and crab that we have, we also have mussels. Our muscles are cooked and ready to go they’re easy and delicious and they are great in addition to any mail. You can use it in a variety of dishes so if you’re looking for a great scampi and marinara sauce for pasta then these muscles are great for you. People say that a lot because it’s true to experience firsthand and get some frog legs. After you try the frog legs try the squid tubes. These are amazing there especially great when you’re cutting the Rings and fried for you.

Off the hook Seafood has all of your choices in one location if you’re looking to find the best Seafood North Dakota. We have octopus and we also have gator options. We sell whole Gators and we also sell Gator meat. The gator meat has a mild flavor and it’s so chewy. This is fantastic for breaded and fried Gator bites; these are also great for tacos and chili so let your imagination run wild with these alligator bites. oh yeah and we also have Sarah so with that one dog for experience moving on from the Gators we have frog legs and these frog legs are typically 46 legs per pound. We know you’ve probably heard this before but the frog legs taste exactly like chicken.

We also have the sweetest crab legs that you will ever try. They are perfect if you like to steam to bake or just add it to a boil. No matter how you decide to cook them they will be amazing. If you want more than just a closer make sure you check out our whole crab as well. if you were really looking to get super fancy and then check out a king crab. No matter how you decide to cook these you are sure to Feast like an absolute king. They don’t call him king crab legs for nothing. Sebastian better run

For more information questions were concerns go check out our website or give us a call or 701-850-6209 also check out our menu you cannot go wrong with our Seafood it is absolutely to die for it’s going to melt in your mouth and you’re going to be absolutely 100% satisfied.