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A lot of people ask us where they can pick up our North Dakota Seafood. Fortunately retina we do not direct deliver to Yuma, although we are working on expanding our operations right now. However you will be able to have access to about one of our many regular stops such as stories and stuff like that. So if you want to work with other people that are just going to make sure that you have food available to near you, then that is what we could do.

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Looking For North Dakota Seafood?

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So if you’re wondering how to find our seafood market, our North Dakota Seafood really is pretty easy to get hold of. We have a complete set of a rotating schedule that makes it easy for customers to know exactly where we are. So if you want to look at the calendar so you can see all all of our locations and stops, all you have to do is visit our website. Or you can even join our Facebook group. If you go to Facebook and search for Off the Hook Seafood sales, you will see that we have great information available to you for wherever you are. To make sure that you follow along with us to see where we are so that we can be there for you when were around.

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