When you think of North Dakota Seafood you should think of off the hook seafood. It has the best seafood market around. They care about the customers and how fresh all their products are. Their products include the deli, shrimp, fish and Frozen, and shellfish. They have other specialties such as octopus, gator, frog legs, and Squid tubes. Off The Hook Seafood is for you. They have the freshest products and are always looking to help the customer. Delicious food Is not the only thing they do. They also offer fundraising for any company or organization. with this, up to 25% of total sales goes directly to your organization. There is no upfront cost for any group and they provide all the sales materials needed for a successful drive. they also will create and provide you with content for your group to share on social media to publicize your fundraising drive. you can contact them at their number or on their website today.

North Dakota Seafood should Be your first choice. The story behind the brand is that it grew up in a small town just outside of fargo. their experience with seafood was like many of the midwesterners. They said it in the UK and learned many things. They started off as a mobile seafood market. They brought top quality seafood to Hungry people working in the oil fields in the western part of North dakota. This Is How They started growing their marketing and reputation at the very beginning. They spent many hours establishing relationships with sources on the east, west, and Gulf Coast to supply the high quality and sometimes hard to find items our customers expect. This is what they Pride themselves on. They Pride themselves on the highest quality fresh and frozen Seafood products while also making them easily accessible for our ever growing fan base. They think of everything starting from where they get their product, how it is sourced, and how it is delivered to every location. they have their truck routes on the website, if that is something you’re interested in checking out. They now serve over 35 communities throughout North Dakota and are just getting started.

Love North Dakota Seafood? Think of Off The Hook Seafood! When you think of seafood in the midwest, you should think of off the hook seafood. not only do they have the freshest quality and the best products, but they really care about their customers. They first started out going door to door and feeding working people in the oil fields in the western part of North dakota. This just says a lot about them as a brand, This Is How They started out. They really want people to have fresh and easy to access, and most importantly quality seafood. they have so many options from options at the deli to their shrimp and fish and frozen. whatever you’re looking for, they will most likely have it.

Also another important thing to remember is their shipping. With their shipping, they’re going to be many questions. such as is there a minimum order amount, and it be yes. $50 is a minimum order for delivery. They do focus on certain regions so it allows them to deliver the best service and value for their customers. These reasons are North Dakota, Minnesota, Eastern South Dakota, and parts of Wisconsin iowa. They hope to accommodate more states in the future, but this is their quality service for right now.

If you call 701-850-6209 they will answer any questions that you have and get started with you right away. Another good option is going to their website at seafoodoffthehook.com and checking out everything there. we hope to hear from you soon!

North Dakota Seafood | Dakota Doing It For You

North Dakota Seafood Should know about off the hook seafood. It is the Midwest Mobile Seafood market. it is your premier source for fresh and frozen seafood. you can get it shipped to you, or you can there is a route schedule on the website if you want to track where they will go next. But don’t believe me, you can go to the website and check out video testimonials of how quality and how fresh Off The Hook Seafoods Seafood is. There’s also the amazing option to pre-order for a route pickup and it shows you a list of today’s catch to make sure that you are interested and what is coming. They also offer other Specialty Meats such as alligator, squid, octopus and so she grade fish. you can always go to the website and pre-order if you see something that looks delicious, which is all of it.

North Dakota Seafood should be a staple in your household. It is a great source of protein and perfect for the whole family. It is a good reason to invite everyone over and have a nice family meal. It brings people together. On the website there is also a tab on the homepage that is called recipes and more. If you don’t know what to do with all of these Seafood options you can browse these recipes and get inspired. If you don’t want to take our word for it you can always go to the website and check out what clients have to say about us. We are highly recommended and we are proud to say that we are involved in each community we set up shopping.

For North Dakota Seafood, Your first option should be off the hook seafood. Why should your first option be them? They are a family owned company in Fargo, North Dakota. This means they are all about family and connecting and bringing people together. They care for each and every customer and hope that their food can be a reason to celebrate and just have a nice meal. That’s why their main focus is providing their customers and partners throughout North Dakota and the Upper Midwest with the best seafood to be found anywhere. not only are they family owned businesses but they strive to help others in every possible way. They help Church groups come Athletic teams, schools, youth groups or other community organizations. they all can benefit when the option to partner with off the hook seafood. This is available to anyone and everyone who wants to do fundraising and use off the hook seafood. this is all on their website and really easy to get started today if you were thinking about doing an event for any organization or team you’re on.

The way they’re fundraising works is first it is a well organized program. The second thing is that there is minimal effort for group leaders, it is very easy. It is risk-free with no upfront costs as well as any size group can participate. The excellent prompt is made from this fundraising with Off The Hook Seafood of up to 25% of all cells going back to you the customer. you will have all the selling tools you only need when Partnering with off the hook seafood. They were always clear instructions and we always had communication throughout the whole thing.

Call us at 701-850-6209 and go to seafoodoffthehook.com to get started today with your fundraising, and having your fresh seafood and other specialty meats!