North Dakota Seafood is one of the best places in the Midwest with our amazing seafood market. We are your premier source of frozen and fresh seafood. If you need to place an order, you can always pre-order or give us a call. Read our views and see what other customers are upset about. Amazing seafood. With all the seafood we have available we also do have recipes and more you can browse online and check out all the recipes. These Can potentially. be made with the fish that you order. We offer frozen fish, shellfish, meats, fresh fish, and more.

When you think of North Dakota Seafood what do you think of? It should be the highest quality seafood you can get around the area growing up in the midwest. There aren’t really that many options to get fish so we decided to start up a seafood company to allow Midwestern to taste the different types of fish that wouldn’t normally be in the area, we are a mobile seafood market and we bring top quality fish to hungry folks that don’t normally get to choose the selection of fish we have. We pride ourselves on finding and sourcing the highest quality, fresh and frozen seafood products possible

Living in North Dakota Seafood isn’t really what you think about when wind you go to the west isn’t really what you think about when wind you go to the west. That’s because there are no oceans nearby. We structured a route to provide regular dependable service to our customers that they can count on. We want to be able to provide the greatest quality fish to the area. Our company has done very well. We were able to outsource to Bismarck not Dickinson in Grand Forks just to name a few places we also provide for.

The reason I started this company was that I studied in the UK where I tried seafood. It was so different from what I was used to. I was introduced to grilled sardines, snappers, pairings, and much more. I decided I wanted to provide this to our Midwest and we don’t normally get to try fish. Into thousand 13, we started off at the Hook seafood, a mobile seafood market. We wanted to conveniently get fresh and frozen fish to families in the Midwest. If you expect nothing but the great quality feel free to check out our mobile seafood market.

If you’re unsure whether our company is the best for your seafood hookups, just go check out our reviews. On our website You can read about how our customers love what we have. If you’d love to come to place an order call us at 701-850-6209. We would love to feed you our quality fish and hope you check out her recipes on how to make it. We only strive for quality, so you can guarantee fresh fish to your home

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North Dakota Seafood is not a place you would think it’s getting fresh fish. However, my company started in 2013 to provide a mobile seafood market for all our customers. We strive for getting great reviews and only get quality fish. We only strive for quality so if you are thinking of getting fish to come, check us out online. We would love to be able to feed you and your whole family fresh fish. We also have recipes that go along with the types of fish in order to help you prepare your meals. If you find out that we are one of the best places for your fish, feel free to give us a review and let others know that we can be their main source for providing fish.

Where do most of North Dakota Seafood come from? We mainly get our fish from the oceans. We have vendors at all three coasts that we source from. We receive fresh fish from each vendor several times per week and then get shipments and send frozen products to our customers. We try to be super convenient so we allow people to order from our mobile app and call us online. You can order many different things, many different kinds of fish and online so it’s fast and convenient. We only search the quality so if you’re looking for great fish, you can always check us out online and start your first order.

Here at North Dakota Seafood we only outsource the best we only want high quality. If you feel that you haven’t had quality seafood in a long time, feel free to give us a call and take an order. We only outsource the best, we only want high quality. If you feel that you haven’t had quality seafood in a long time, feel free to give us a call and give it an order. We are excited and looking forward to serving you. We vacuum sealer fish, so it stays fresh the longest. If you have made a mobile order, it doesn’t matter who picks it up. You can have someone else as long as there’s a name. If you’re looking to place an order, you can always do it through the website or you can give us a call.

If you are wondering what we have on our website, there’s always a full list. You can check it out online. Our product list goes from stress, crab pairing, salmon, whitefish, lobster, and many many more if you’re wondering to hit us up you can check out our truck route that stays the same for the convenience of our customers.

If you feel you can’t wait in your dying shadow season give us a call at 701-850-6209. We’d love to hear from you when you can’t wait to have you try out our fresh seafood. When you go to look up the kinds of fish you want you to want to check out our website From there you’ll be able to see customer reviews of what they like. The place you are able to find the product list you can find about us and more contact options.