As a North Dakota seafood supplier, we want to impress you with the highest quality food and you’ll be able to see all of her customer reviews and testimonials. We get high-quality and tasty seafood and you can order several different types of meats from our company and different quantities. It is not an easy source to get high-quality seafood and we have made it our mission to give our customers the best quality seafood. We have all the options available to you and we can do special orders, with special orders we do require a deposit. So if we don’t carry something that you really want we can always get it through our vendors. We just don’t sell it enough to have it on our menu full-time. But no worries we can communicate with you that may get you your special orders. We always go above and beyond to make sure that we have high-quality seafood delivered to your area.

Our customers are very important to us if you wanna take the time to hear what your needs are and what your specific orders are. We wanna make sure that you get your orders exactly how they order them with the quality that you deserve. We practice food-safe handling so we make sure that all your food will be safe in our care.

Please if it is hard to come by in North Dakota seafood is something we can just go to the shore and fish. RC food is from the sea, mostly. About everything that is in our inventory is caught wildly. You’ll be able to go to our website for more information and details about what we do offer. We offer a variety of seafood that is popular and summer is not. We offer her a variety of fish food that has an unforgettable taste. I don’t have your mouth watering. We have options to make your dinner extravagant if you want to make a statement at your next dinner party. This is a convenient way to get the best food fish possible. On our website, we also offer ways to cook fish properly and recipes to add to your nightly dinners.

We’re getting the best North Dakota seafood You will taste the difference. Believe in quality. We make sure that all of our deliveries are delivered in a timely manner. And that we make sure we get it right the first time. We are not overpriced, unlike our competitors. Your family’s well-being and health are very important to us that’s why we take quality control very seriously around here. Our founders ‘ family started this business with passion and they wanted to be able to give and enjoy the quality of the food that people on the coast of other countries have access to. You will be able to receive good, quality fish and fresh form or frozen. And will be able to deliver to your route stop. Quality and fresh options are not mean you have to sacrifice your schedule to be first in line to receive your desired food options. You can pre-order or And will be able to deliver to your route stop. You can view our catch of the day on our website.

Because one of our customer representatives to place your order today for fresh quality seafood you can reach us at 701 850 6209 Or if you weren’t sure what you want to get you can view our inventory online you have an option to pre-order there as well at

North Dakota Seafood | Stay On Schedule

Off The Hook Seafood is serving North Dakota seafood, we offer quality projects and you were able to view our truck route online to be able to accommodate your schedule and to see when we will be able to deliver your fresh food. Do take into consideration that the roads can’t get nasty sometimes Delivering for multiple cities throughout North Dakota we are wanting to expand our business. And we have it in mind that we want to be able to have individuals to be able to get fresh seafood fresh or frozen delivered to their homes. It’s on our to-do list.

We have 183 reviews on Google and plus on our website we have multiple testimonials and reviews there from our clients who have bought North Dakota seafood from us. We began her journey by being a mobile seafood market delivery and the best seafood to The workers who worked in the oil fields. The word got around in that we were growing our reputation one door at a time we spent countless hours building relationships and sources on the east, west, and gulf coast. We have built relationships with these distributors and suppliers to bring us the best quality fresh seafood. We have customers coming back for more delicious mouthwatering seafood.

Our family do when we found out those companies that we wanted more. We had we are on a mission to deliver fresh quality food in our area. The founder’s wife had more information about seafood than he did, she became the brains of the comp company after quitting her 9 to 5. Quality North Dakota seafood comes by and that’s why we deliver the fresh quality food that you deserve in your community. We have expanded from our food truck to delivering to companies for small orders and larger orders. When receiving our fresh quality seafood you will be able to serve your family and guest with confidence and pride. You’ll be able to guarantee that build your house with great-tasting seafood. Quality and the safety of your family and their health is one of our top priorities we have the best quality safe food. Off the hook offers recipes online and you’ll be able to follow your route and find out when our next delivery will be available. We also offer other varieties of meat that are very tasty. All of our customers are impressed with the quality and selection every time they stop in.

To place your order today and get your questions answered you can call one of our representatives and they will be able to assist you at 701 850 6209 to place your orders online and to check out our recipes please visit our website at