North Dakota Seafood In the first thing you should think of is off the hook seafood. when you fundraise with off the hook you know what you were getting right from the get-go. you were getting a well organized program, minimal effort for group leaders, risk-free and a front cost. any size group can fundraise with off the hook seafood. It is also excellent that about 25% of all sales go back to the customer. all the selling tools you need, clear instructions, and easy to implement and product fulfillment when you fundrise with off the hook seafood. If you were thinking of having any event for your organization or two, think of off the hook fundraising. Why, you may ask? all of the stuff I listed above and because Off The Hook Seafood helps achieve your fundraising goals.

North Dakota Seafood Is a family-owned company in Fargo, North dakota. Their whole focus and mission is to provide their customers and partners throughout North Dakota and the Upper Midwest with the best seafood to be found anywhere. this means quality, this means freshness. they are all about minimal effort for you and clear and well organized expectations. They want the customer to know who they are before they even think of purchasing anything from them so they can be as comfortable as possible. That is why seafood helps to achieve your fundraising goals in the most organized and efficient manner. They have helped Church groups, Athletic teams, schools, youth groups and other community organizations. They all benefited from partnering with Off The Hook Seafood and accomplished all of their goals and more.

With North Dakota Seafood You can be guaranteed freshness and quality. Off The Hook Seafood is premium for all Frozen and a lot of seafood. When you’re looking at the deli, there are a lot of options. starting with our kicking craft it to our cream Dill herring. there’s so many options. from smoked salmon to smoked white fish to smoked salmon cherry. There’s also the option of shrimp. We have Argentina red, black tiger, freshwater prawns, golf shrimp head off, shrimp burgers, golf shrimp head on, Golf shrimp, and salad shrimp. any shrimp you’re looking for, we can almost guarantee we have it. and regards to fresh frozen fish, we have catfish but. We also have Alaskan cod Phillips, Alaskan cod Phillip pieces, grouper fill it, Alaskan halibut steak, halibutes, like Purge, Pollock burgers, beer battered wallet, Rockfish fill it, and Canadian salmon portions and so much more. any specific taste you have we can match it.

We also have to mention our shellfish options. There are clams which are chopped, crawfish tell me, crawfish whole la, Dungeness crab, and clusters. There is King crab, Jonah crawl claw, Lobster, muscles, scallops from the bay and the sea. There are also snow crabs. not only the basics but we also have other Specialty Meats such as octopus, gator, frog legs, and Squid tubes. We also have all the seasonings and dry goods to go with all these perfect meals.

To get all of your quality and Fresh Cuts today, call 701-850-6209 as well as go to to start your order right now!

North Dakota Seafood | Seasonings And Seafood

North Dakota Seafood Is the best when it comes to off the hook seafood. seafood and seasonings are the perfect duo in our opinion. and we have all of the above. For seasoning and Dry Goods we have etouffee base, gumbo base, shrimp creole bass, air fryer fish breading, Cajun fresh fry breading, fish fry crispy breading, Noah style fish fry breading. There’s this and so much more including barbecue shrimp sauce mix, Cajun dirty rice mix, jambalaya mix, red beans and rice mix combo shrimp fry batter mix, Cajun blackening seasoning, and Cajun seasoning. We have this and so much more to offer you in regards to all your fresh and Quality Seafood you are about to buy.

For North Dakota Seafood Always go to Seafood off the you don’t know how many options you have until you go there. It’s a family-owned company which means it is for you and your family. is a great way to have a great family or have a great meal for you and your team. you have a sports event or church gathering, this is for you. you have a company event or organizational event, this is also for you. seafood can bring so many people together and you just don’t know it yet, but now you do! Off The Hook Seafood is here for you and all your needs. Let me know if you can help with your giveaway.

North Dakota Seafood means something to people. means fresh, means quality, and means off the hook seafood. This mobile market offers fresh and Quality Seafood everyday is something that the midwesterners need in their daily lives. It can be a fun trip for the family to just go and pick out their favorite Frozen Seafood. It could be about the trip and picking it out, or it could be about preparing the seafood with what you just bought from Off The Hook seafood market or the seasoning you also just bought from them. no matter what part is your favorite, you will enjoy the whole process from getting in the car coming back with all of your goods in hand. His family owned company is all about you and your needs.

So now you have all these goods and don’t know what to make? Off The Hook Seafood makes it easy for you. They have so much recipe inspiration on their website as well as little additions to the details of each product. for their nori but then the next person, you can try your hand at making your own sushi rolls at home. We also have tools for you and your new recipes. We have a clam knife, oyster knife, shellcracker, and shellfish fork.

When you give us a call at 701-850-6209 you won’t regret it since you will now have fresh and premium seafood. Also if you check out our website at you won’t regret it since you can get fresh Exquisite Seafood today.