Find Best North Dakota Seafood At Off The Hook Seafood this family owned company is all about freshness and quality products. They want you to have the freshest Seafood that you can get in your local area. from their smoked salmon that is mouth-wateringly caught and smoked by a family fishery on the south shore of Lake Superior their golf shrimp head off which is what most people think about when they think of shrimp. This wild caught gulf shrimp head off is caught in the US and these are the perfect choice for your next boil. We also have shrimp burgers which are usually pre-made products which are full of cheap ingredients and list the things you can’t pronounce but not here. ours are made with wild shrimp and only four simple ingredients. We pride ourselves on Fresh Products every single time. The golf shrimp head on is a large wild caught gulf shrimp with the heads on. Lots of seafood lovers believe cooking their shrimp with heads still on provides a morphodish or remove them and use for stock.

Off The Hook Seafood is the Find Best North Dakota Seafood! When you want to find the best seafood in North Dakota, you will find off the hook seafood. not only because they are the most reviewed and renowned seafood market but also because they try to be everywhere all at once. They are a mobile seafood market which really helps them to immerse themselves in local communities and with their customers as close as possible. They want to know that you can trust them and their products because they want to help you and your community. They help local communities by fundraising with local sports teams and other organizations in the community that they are in. Even if it’s for just a day, they will make anything and everything work. You want to schedule the fundraising event with them. They will always come back and help you every step of the way. From start to finish they are there with clear instructions on what to do and how to do it.

Find Best North Dakota Seafood near you! Off The Hook Seafood is almost always where you need them to be. This is why they love being immobile seafood market because they go where the customers are and where they are most needed. They have their truck schedule online for you to see so you can see if they will be in your area or somewhere close to you so you can stop by and get the freshest quality products and seafood from anywhere else. Miss not only provides you with your dinner but it also creates a relationship with them that you want to keep going for years to come. you will know where the freshest Seafood is and always want to come back because you and your family know that this family owned company is always trying to be the best for you and your family. This is a fresh and quality product and they are upfront about where everything comes from and where it is all sourced. If you go to their website there’s not only testimonials and video reviews but also written reviews as well as descriptions and pictures for every product you can get from off the hook seafood.

There is a picture for every product and this is to make sure that you understand what each product is and how it can benefit you. An example of this is the salad shrimp, there is a picture and a description and the price all right there perfectly accessible for you. The description is “ looking for small, sweet shrimp free recipes? he’s usa, wild caught shrimp or just what you need! They are peeled, cooked and super easy to use! packaged into 2 pound bags.” This is just one product example of what all the rest look like. There’s a detailed description for you and a picture to show you the freshness and the quality of every product we have. The same goes for seasonings and even the tools that you can buy from us to help with your next Seafood recipe.

To get your fresh and Quality Seafood products from Off The Hook Seafood, call right now at 701-850-6209 as well as go to their website at to view all these products for yourself!

Find Best North Dakota Seafood | Seafood For The Whole Community

Find Best North Dakota Seafood Today. Off The Hook Seafood is most likely just a quick drive away. This mobile seafood market is always on the go and it’s always looking for new customers to try their products and see why they are highly reviewed and highly recommended. Not only can you see the video reviews and testimonials from real customers buying and trying their products but you can also see written reviews of people from different companies that have fundraised with them. They offered detailed descriptions and pictures of each product so you can trust and value the freshness and quality of said product. Even their tools that they offer for you to use for each recipe there is a picture and description of them as well. there’s also pictures and descriptions as well as how much each product is of the seasonings they offer as well.

Find Best North Dakota Seafood at off the hook seafood. I provide the best customer service as possible as well as the freshest products and the most quality seafood. Seafood is sourced from Many different coasts such as the east, west, and Gulf Coast and this allows them to supply the high quality and sometimes hard to find items that their customers and partners expect them to have. from the start they have pride in themselves on sourcing the highest quality of fresh and frozen Seafood products possible and making them easily accessible to their ever growing fan base. This is how the reputation grows every single day. They started out going door to door with top quality seafood to Hungry folks working in oil fields in the western part of North dakota. This just shows how they are as a company, especially a family owned company at that.

If you’re trying to Find Best North Dakota Seafood then you can look no further. Off The Hook Seafood Mobile Market is for you. not only the freshest products but also the most highly recommended and renowned seafood market close by. you’re wondering why you should trust them. They are Seafood professionals. they know anything and everything about their products and where they are from and how they get there. even want you to know that as well from their website would show all the reviews and the truck routes from start to finish of where we source and where we and with the products. This is a no-brainer for anyone who wants clean, unique, and fresh seafood. this is what they offer to each and every client that eats from them

Not only do they offer this but they also offer fundraising to help each Community they are in as a mobile market they would like to help as much as they can. This fundraising is so easy and accessible to anyone and everyone. If you have a local family reunion, they are your people. If you have a company event that you need catering for, they are for you as well. Any Gathering of any sort helps you start to finish with the products to the market. all you have to do is either call them or go to the website and you’re already One Step Closer to the most amazing seafood and meal of your life.

Put us to the test by calling 701-850-6209 right now and go to our website at to start getting the most fresh and Quality Seafood and all of North Dakota!