Find Best North Dakota Seafood Have some of the best smoked freshly caught fish for you. you can purchase any of these fish that we have available to you with our traveling food truck. We travel across the Midwest with unprocessed food available for you to purchase. all of our prices are incredibly affordable and we give them to you at a great affordable wholesale price. You can find shrimp, such as Argentina shrimp, black tiger shrimp, and even Gulf Shrimp with the heads already pre-taken off. These are all wild caught in the US and are going to be the greatest tasting fish for you to enjoy.

leave everything you need to get started and explore your cooking skills whenever you want to make some sushi. We have fresh proteins and fish that are sushi grade and I say for you to eat. It’s your great food that means that it is better for you to eat and it’s not have any harmful chemicals or has been frozen and refrozen. All of our fish is freshly caught locally in the United States and is sushi grade so you can trust that quality and safety is there whenever you’re eating any kind of our products. tooFind Best North Dakota Seafood that is the best seafood you are going to want to look at our fresh selections.

The best fish for sushi are our mahi-mahi portions, Canadian salmon portions, Sockeye salmon, and our swordfish steaks. either going to be for the larger pieces of sushi and are great for large plates of Sashimi Platters. in order to Find Best North Dakota Seafood for sushi you’re going to need some of the highest quality firm kinds of fishes. that is why our tuna steaks also come in a tuna poke Cube size. This is a poke that is great for pokeballs which are deconstructed Sushi bowls that are a lot easier to make and you don’t have to wrap them. Sushi is going to be great with these because they’re all individually portioned and you can just easily wrap them into the piece. We also have tuna filets and steaks for you as well.

Our swordfish steaks have a sweet flavor and are a great addition to add on the side of a beautiful platter of fish as well. need to go in to give you a saltier taste and are great with soy sauce, ginger, and any other garnishes you like to add on them. You can find tons of different items in our truck to make some great sushi for you. If you want to make the best sushi, we recommend that you use the Ahi tuna that we serve to you. is a certified sushi grade tuna and is cut into half inch cubes. you can make a great poke Bowl and out of your toppings with our seaweed no worry as well. We have a specialty selection of nori wrappers which are Stevie that are made into long rolls so it’s easier for you to roll. These are dry seaweed sheets perfect for sushi.

Will you give me everything you need to make some incredibly freshly made sushi? your friends are going to your present you’re going to love the flavor that our fish bring to the table. give us a call today at(701) 850-6209 to contact us about the availability of certain kinds of fishes for your meals. you can also find all of our different utensils, Nori wrappers and tuna selectionson our website

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Find Best North Dakota Seafood Can take care of everything you need when it comes to deciding which kind of spices you want. We have a wide variety of different spices that can be perfectly paired with all of our natural fish. You can find spices such as spicy Cajun spices, fish and shrimp taco seasonings, and even seasoning that can be used to create jambalaya and rice dishes. All of these different kinds of things are available in our truck as well as a wide selection of natural unprocessed foods for you to purchase as well.

with the regular access to our fish across a wide variety of different cities. The benefit of having a truck Market is that we can take our freshers anyway we would like. we can go all the way out to the season and then bring it straight back to the cities. We’ve developed a way to get all of our products to our clients easily. and one of the ways we develop that is what they truck route plan. This is how you canFind Best North Dakota Seafood truck and access us wherever we are. Do you want to know exactly where we’re going and what city we’re in with the times and dates of all the food on our website?

We did this so that we can make sure all of our clients are in touch with us and can find us when they need to get large orders purchased for their family and events.we cover a large variety of different cities in the midwest. You can Find Best North Dakota Seafood in the Midwest region specifically. We traveled all the way from the corner of East Main Street and 1st Avenue of the city of Ashley in North Dakota all the way to Battlefield.

We also cover different cities such as Bismarck, bottineau, Bowman, Carrington and many other cities. Our clients love the fact that we make a wide variety of accessibility across many different cities. It’s a quick and easy way for them to get convenient access to our amazing products. We have traveled the cross cities and made it into Cavalier City recently as well. We usually stay in the city from around 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. and then get on the road again.

our truck and go all the way up to the city of Dickinson, Drayton, and even Ellendale regions. We usually stay in her Showcase for about 1 to 4 hours depending on our clients needs. Once our customers get to get everything they like, we will hit the road again with our fresh fish and give that quality and convenience to more customers in the surrounding cities.

If you want to have access to the quick and easiest convenient high quality protein sources give us a call today at(701) 850-6209 and we can potentially add your City to the stop on one of our lists. you can also find our full truck route on our website and dates and times listed online at