Best North Dakota Seafood You should think of off the hook seafood. Off The Hook Seafood is family owned and in North dakota. this should make you more comfortable with knowing that his family owned and operated. Their main focus is quality And comfort. They reside in Fargo North Dakota and have one daughter. The family set out on this journey in the spring of 2013 with the start of off the hook seafood, and mobile seafood market. They started off by bringing top quality seafood to Hungry people working and oil fields in the western part of North dakota. This is how they grew their reputation by going one door at a time. They did this while also spending countless hours establishing relationships with sources on the east, west, and Gulf Coast to supply the high quality and sometimes hard to find items their customers expect from them. This is what makes them the best.

For Best North Dakota Seafood, think of Off The Hook Seafood. I care about each and every customer and partner they work with. They make each process as efficient and smooth as possible with their high quality and fresh seafood. You see food speaks for itself and it’s quality and freshness but they have outlined how they Source it and the root to and from sourcing. The truck routes are on the website and always available for the customer to look at and get a little sneak peek behind the scenes of how everything operates. From the very start they have problems sourcing the highest quality of Frozen and fresh seafood products possible and making them easily available to ever growing customers and partners. Another thing is that as their reputation grows, they’ve added stops throughout the state which also generates a strong following. This is mainly in Bismarck, Minot, Dickinson, and Grand Forks just to name a few. The way they have structured their routes is to make sure they provide a regular, and dependable service that their customers and partners can always count on.

Off the Hook Seafood is the Best North Dakota Seafood. The weather structure their roots is to make sure that the customers can count all them with the regular and dependable service. They have a constant schedule for the various communities on their route with their mobile seafood market stops occurring weekly, every two weeks or 4 weeks depending on each location. They now serve over 35 communities down North Dakota and they are just getting started with serving the communities. They wish to grow into more States and more cities and communities around them. and that is another thing, they always want to be involved in the local communities and help any way they can. They do this by partnering with local organizations or teams in each Community there and. They have a fundraising tab on their website and this is available to anyone and everyone else to partner with Off The Hook Seafood for any upcoming event we’re gathering.

Fundraising with them is easy, efficient, and very simple. they’re always clear instructions when you work with them and easy to lay out marketing for your upcoming fundraiser with them. They provide all the tools and instructions necessary if you have no clue how to get started or how the whole process works. They always want top quality for you and they’re fundraising events. they will work with you and talk with you throughout the whole fundraising, start to finish. so they don’t want you to be nervous even if you just have an idea of wanting to work with them. Call me. You can always call and talk to someone to get more information or to get a better understanding of what your future event with them will look like.

A good number to call would be 701-850-6209 and the website is I’m very excited to hear from you today!

Best North Dakota Seafood | All The Goods

All the Best North Dakota Seafood Is located at off the hook seafood. and I only have the widest and best selection, but also the freshest and most premium meats. from the deli to their dry seasonings to their frozen fish, to their shrimp. they have started to finish recipes and instructions for how to use their products if this is all new for you. You don’t have to be an expert on Seafood to start eating seafood. you just need to know that it is fresh and premium when it comes to Seafood. You also don’t have to trust our word for it, we have video testimonials and written reviews from a lot of our customers. they should reassure you about how fresh and how great of quality our products are. let me know you want the freshest seafood, and that is what we provide for you.

Best North Dakota Seafood Starts with off the hook seafood. Who would love for you to not only try our products but recommend us to everyone. you will want to have a family reunion just so everybody can experience this delicious and fresh seafood with you. Eating Seafood should be a group event and that is why we also have a fundraising tab on our website which allows you to partner with us. you have a family reunion coming up, or church, or just a sports team gathering. we are the ones for you. you can order and get all your fresh seafood today and we help you with the whole process. if this is something you want to advertise and Market if it is a company Gathering or an organizational gathering, we got you. We hope you every step of the way with clear instructions and how to use it for everything that you could possibly think of.

Best North Dakota Seafood Is entertained with off the hook seafood. you will love looking through their website because not only is it very descriptive but it has pictures so you can see each and every product. An example is smoked salmon. It gives you a picture of what the product you are getting will look like and also a very persuasive description of smoked salmon. It says this month watering wild caught smoked salmon is a real deal. Smoked by a family fishery on the south shore of Lake Superior since 1947. They want to be close and make sure that the customer understands that they value each and every product they have and where to source. Another example is of the sweet wine herring. They say that this is a traditional favorite. but I’m hearing it’s marinade in a sweet wine sauce for the perfect balance of sweetness means that this is a sure-winner for herring lovers. descriptions like these really make seafood stand out because they put thought to each and every word that you read about them.

Another example is of their black tiger shrimp. The description reads ” unique and experienced to its namesake stripes, tiger shrimp or easily recognized. they have a mild, somewhat sweet flavor in a crisp, from texture.” They give you a description of not only what it looks like but also what it will taste and feel like. I give you all the details and all the prices are also listed in the same description at the bottom. This is why this family owned company should be a part of your family. They not only care about their products but about how they affect each and every customer that buys from them.

You will want to call 701-850-6209 right away and get started or head to their website at to book with them right now for your fundraising needs and all your Seafood needs!