If you’re looking for the best North Dakota seafood available, then the product listed off of seafood is where you need to go. In addition to some absolutely incredible dips and herring dips. We also have some smoked options as well. So if you were looking for that classic mouthwatering smoked salmon, we have that. It is from a family fishery on the south shore of Lake Superior and we have been sourcing our salmon from there since 1947.

If you are looking for the best north dakota seafood available then check out all the options we have on our product list. In addition to the smoked salmon, we also have a couple other options for you. We have smoked whitefish which is mild moist and absolutely delicious. It’s great Amazon but if you want to combine it with something we recommend getting some crackers and getting some dip to put those crackers in. No matter what, you absolutely love this dish and we look forward to trying it.

For the best North Dakota seafood available. Check out the product list of Off The Hook seafood. In addition to the smoked salmon. In the smoked white fish. We also have another flavor of salmon for you. So in addition to the smoked salmon, we have a cherry smoked salmon. This is like the traditional salmon, but has a slight cherry wood flavor as well and you will absolutely love this. It gives it a slightly sweet flavor, but not too much that you were sure to enjoy. To try all these and more check out, Off The Hook seafood and come see us at her mobile truck route.

After you visit that product list, if you have any questions, feel free to visit the FAQ page. This FAQ page is very thorough and was built better from the questions that we had received previously. If your question is not on there feel free to give us a call to the number you see in the top right corner of the website. Do you always speakerphone the customer service representative or just answer any and all questions that you have. One way or the other we look forward to hearing from you.

Visit www.seafoodoffthehook.com or call 701-850-6209 to ask any questions you may have. Be sure to check that truck out so you can see when it will be in a town near you and check out that product list to see what it will be bringing with us. It is not possible for us to bring an entire inventory to each town, so we recommend checking today’s catch on the homepage. That is what we will bring with us, rest assured, you can pre-order things, so we can bring it with us if you let us know. So, if you do have a special request, be sure to give us a call or submit a form and will bring it with us to the town that you choose.

Best North Dakota seafood | all sorts of lobster.

If you’re looking for the best North Dakota seafood available in the product list is where you need to be. After you have Peru’s deli section and Sinoya takes the options we have there we recommend that you check out the shellfish option. First and foremost we feature our Argentine red shrimp. This usually comes in 16 to 20 pieces per pound and is an incredibly popular shrimp. It’s large and it’s caught in the wild in deep water. It has a unique sweet flavor and you will absolutely love it. The best part about this is, you can order this fully peeled or divan, so no matter what your process is for a shrimp we can accommodate.

For the best north dakota seafood available check out the shrimp options that we have. After you export the Argentine red option we also have a black tiger option. This is incredibly unique in appearance and he gets his name from the classic black stripes. It has on it. Tiger shrimp are very easy to recognize and have a slightly less sweet flavor than the Argentine red. They do replace that sweet flavor with a crispy and firm texture, so you can mix it up with your shrimp and find one that you were sure to enjoy.

The best North Dakota seafood available is always Off The Hook seafood. After you’ve seen the Argentine red and the black tiger shrimp that we have available in our shrimp section be sure to check out the freshwater prawns. These are massive shrimp in the largess that we carry. These are absolutely incredible on the grill, but they are also delicious on the stove top or on the oven. So no matter what your method of cooking is, you will absolutely love these massive prawns.

After you export all three of these, we recommend that you choose one and cook it up. After you cook it up, please take some pictures or share a recipe on the Facebook community page. Part of what’s good about Off The Hook seafood is the Facebook community so people can share their tasty concoctions. If you don’t wanna share your recipe, we totally understand. If you do wanna share your recipe we would have a lot of fans. If you don’t have a recipe, we also have a recipe page, so be sure to pick something up if I want easy to follow recipes that we have on the website.

Visit www.seafoodoffthehook.com and call 701-850-6209 to ask any questions that you may have. After you have thoroughly checked out that deli section and shrimp section, come up with a plan and see us. Visit us at a town near you during her mobile market route schedule, be sure to pre-order so we can ensure that we will have what you want. If you were even slightly apprehensive visit the Facebook page so you can see the amazing community that we have. We look forward to hearing from you and we know that you will love Off The Hook seafood, so give us a try.