Seafood North Dakota It’s great if you’re looking to expand your cooking horizons. We can help you find great healthy and locally caught items to add to your dishes. with products such as the Chilean sea bass, Snapper filets, and swordfish steaks you’re going to create a spectacular meal. The ingredients we all use are fresh and we even have a wide selection of different kinds of pre-mixed spices to put on them. You can talk to any of our professionals who work our food trucks and get professional recommendations for what kind of seasoning would work best with which kind of protein you selected. This is great for anybody who is looking to learn how to cook and begin working with high quality products.

You can find a wide variety of seasonings that we have created to pair perfectly with all of our fish. Whenever you purchase fish from us you’re going to be getting some expert knowledge and even access to our recipes online that are handcrafted to make sure your Fish face is amazing. you’re not just going to buy fish from us, but you’re going to get advice, and recipes to make sure when you go home they’re tasting incredible.Seafood North Dakota has developed a wide variety of Louisiana inspired spices. We have a line of spices that feature different kinds of Cajun inspirations, and make it effortless for you to toss together a healthy tasty meal.

We have spices that are perfect for crawfish, chicken, and shrimp with flavors such as onion, herbs, and savory garlic.Seafood North Dakota wants to make it very easy for you to know how to use these and especially for those who don’t know how to cook. if you know how to cook you just grab any one of our mixes and pour it straight into your meal. We have mixed specifically made for gumbo to give you a robust and incredible tasting base for your soup. We also have shrimp bases that you can add to your rice and it meets too. These are great and will give you Bell peppers, herbs, onions, and garlic flavors that will make your food taste fresh and like it came straight from New orleans.

We have remixed by supposed to make it easy for you to understand exactly what they would pair buses with. We have a Cajun seasoning blend that is an all-purpose salty blend that you can add to almost any kind of protein you purchase from us. This is great for shrimp, soups, and any kind of meat. You can also find a black indication seasoning which is a more robust flavor than the normal occasion one that we offer. It is a lot more Savory and can add a Great Smoky flavor to your dishes. amongst all of our incredible spices you can find fry batters for crawfish, crab boils, and even pre-mixed breadings for fish and chips.

Let us add a lot of flavor into your dishes with our wide variety of spices. explore all of our spices by giving our Chefs a call today(701) 850-6209 or go online to read all of our chefs selections and recommendations and when cooking with our spices online at You can find all of our products listed on our website and read the chef’s recommendations for how to cook and pair these with the proper protein source to make them taste the best.

Seafood North Dakota | How to make great rice

Our company has a way to provide access to Fresh and quality Seafood North Dakota . One of the ways we do this is by giving you a mobile traveling truck that is home to all of the highest quality, best tasting freshly caught fish and proteins. We also offer different products such as pre herb blends and tons of different kinds of spices that you can use to put on there. you can find marinades, herbs, and Seasonings to add on to the breakfast you just bought. they still give you everything you need all in one simple service with a great high quality standard. We like to hold high quality standards for all of our customers like you.

If you are learning how to cook or you have cooked for years, one thing that we will find hard to make is rice. Rice can be hard to get perfectly every single time. I like to recommend that you cook your rice and a rice cooker. as others recommend that you could get on a stove top. whatever your purpose is we’re going to make sure that we’re making it easier for you to have a great meal without using tons of effort.Seafood North Dakota wants to help you do this by giving you prepackaged rice mixtures that are fully seasoned and have healthy Seafood for you to pair it with.

You can find our Cajun Spicy rice mix blended with rice, seasonings, and paired with your selection of delicious shrimp or clams. These are very delicious and will make you want to keep buying more because of the interesting Dynamic flavors that they have.Seafood North Dakota also offers you a quick and easy jambalaya mix as well.

These are the world famous Cajun jambalaya seasonings all made into a blend. This one is great for you to add to our sausages, or seafood selections. You can add Bell peppers, onions, and anything else you would like to these rice mixes they’re very easy to use and make incredibly simple to cook a great meal.

You can also find a great finish Style mix of pre-made rice that includes red beans and tomato sauce. This is a great way for you to get tons of protein into one meal. with Tangy Tomato flavors and a Savory Spice One these are good to use any day of the week. Our lights looking at races make it easy for you to find something super easy to make that tastes delicious.

if you want to find it easier way to cook delicious meals without having to struggle with baking perfect rice, you can give one of our Representatives a call today at (701) 850-6209 and ask about the availability of these pre-made rice Blends or find them online at