We guarantee we are the best Seafood North Dakota has available. Not only do we have the best seafood options available for you and your family, but we offer a mobile seafood market that delivers seafood right to your door. Whether you were looking for fresh or frozen seafood, you can find the best option in the Midwest when you go with our company today. We are Premier and top grade when you come to fresh and frozen fish and we look forward to showing your family that when you order from us. No need to go to the ocean yourself, our company can help take care of that.

We have amazing reviews at Seafood North Dakota, and we have a clientele that have sworn by our seafood options as well as the convenience of our mobile account system. You can not only order your seafood options with us on our website, but you can also check out all the recipes that we recommend for you and your family. You can see all of the catches me how many daily as we upload our catch of the day every single day on our website. And you can check out our route schedule when you look at it outside. How convenient is that?

No matter if you are wanting salmon, cod, swordfish, halibut, or any other fish, we know that we will have what you are wanting in store at Seafood North Dakota. We offer other specialty meat but you cannot find any other seafood store such as alligator, artist, square, and sushi grade fish. You do not have to go anywhere else for all your seafood desires. We would love for you to just use our company and utilize our mobile route service for the convenience of you and your family. We love to provide our customers with frozen as well fresh fish that other stores can provide you today.

Not only do we offer amazing seafood options for you and your family, but we stand by our vision of our mobile delivery route – bringing convenience back into the home and providing a dinner option that does not have to be had out at a restaurant. You can always check to see if we have a route near you when you view our mobile delivery fish route on our website and we would be happy to possibly put your community on the route if you call us today. We provide tips and tricks on how to prepare or store your fish as well as many yummy recipes!

You are not going to believe all the options we have available when it comes to meat from the deep blue sea. We promise all of our fish, whether they be off our own hooks or the hooks of our vendors, will bring a sense of quality to your dinner table that you can’t even find at your local supermarket. Check out our recipes, delivery route, and more when you go online to https://seafoodoffthehook.com as well as our founding story! If there is information you need, but cannot find on our website, we would love for you to call a representative today at 701-850-6209!

Seafood North Dakota | It’s Off The Hook

Before you drive to your infamous local supermarket, we ask that you check to see if Seafood North Dakota has a delivery route close to you. Yes, you read that right. We are super excited to give our customers the convenience of not only having the best hook up, literally, of fish, but we offer it to get onto your dinner table when one of our mobile fish delivery trucks comes through your neighborhood possibly today. Ever expanding our route enables us to get connected to the community and meet families all across the North Dakota area. And we are looking to expand our route more and more everyday.

When it comes to Seafood North Dakota, many other shops may offer old frozen inventory, but our company offers frozen as well as live fish options for our customers and their families. There is nothing quite like fresh meat, which is why we prioritize this option and brag about it every chance we get. Our customers love that they have the fresh fish option, no matter if they are going to serve their guests that day or freeze the fish themselves knowing when exactly the fish started the freezing process. No need to worry how long the fish has been frozen when you shop with our fresh fish options today!

There is no reason a pizza can be pre-ordered and delivered to your home and Seafood North Dakota thinks the same way! Why is it that the only options for convenient food come from companies that only offer foods that are terrible for your health and wellbeing? Convenience and consistency should be provided for all foods, especially foods that are more beneficial to a household than a pizza. With a mobile delivery service, we are trying, and succeeding, in competing with our junk food competitors and giving the community exactly what they deserve. Fresh food the whole family can enjoy together.

To continue with our promise to only give the best fresh or frozen fish options to our community, we display our catch of the day options on our website that is obviously uploaded daily! You will see exactly when your fish was caught and what kind of fish was caught that day. Our latest catches of the day include a variety of salmon, cod, herring, oysters, and much more! If we don’t personally catch our inventory on our own hooks, we partner with 3 other quality owned vendors who supply the meat to us. Knowing where our fish comes from gives us an edge that other food sources cannot claim or brag on!

If you would like to view more of our catch of the day options or would like to see if you are on our mobile fish delivery route, please check out our website when you go online to https://seafoodoffthehook.com as well as check out all the testimonials our customers have given us. Perhaps you have more questions after you see all the cool info we have on our website? Not a problem, we would love to speak one on one with you when you call our staff members at 701-850-6209 so we can show off our amazing customer service skills!