You can pre-order Seafood North Dakota at any time as well as have availability to our mobile market route schedule so go ahead and check the schedule to see if you are in line for a truck stop. At Off The Hook Seafood you will be able to see our product list and a truck route to whenever you go online to our website. We have fun recent options available as well as plenty of testimonials so you can see exactly how wonderful our fish options are. We are proud to be the Midwest mobile seafood Market as we are the Premier Source for fish and Frozen seafood.

We have a daily updated Seafood North Dakota today’s catch website that will show when routes need to be canceled due to weather or what delays can be causing your order. You all see that we have specialty meat that ranges from alligators to squid to octopus to sushi-grade fish. There really is something for everybody whenever you go online to check out our products. Whether it be fresh and frozen fish, shellfish specialty meats and so much, much more. That is the best problem to have and we have spices as well as recipes that can help with that.

If you want Frozen fish, live shellfish, or specialty fish and you never thought Seafood North Dakota would be possible, then you will have to see what our clients have said about us over the years. Many think our customer service is awesome and that we carry amazing food. People claim our Founders are so knowledgeable about all of our products as well as provide amazing cooking tips. The assortment of our varieties is huge and we continue to expand. We have many customers begging for us to include shipping and this may be something that we explore in the future.

Starting in 2013, Off The Hook Seafood began as a mobile seafood market driving to the Western part of North Dakota and giving Seafood to hungry people working in the oil fields. Spending countless hours establishing relationships and clientele, many years later and we are able to expand to over 35 communities throughout the state. We are always looking to expand as well as add your town to our truck route. Until you go to our website, many of our customers do not know about the fundraising options we have available. We want to help your group achieve its goals.

So whether you are looking to expand your palate with fish or you are wanting to Have some alligator on your plate for your family, be sure to give us a call today at 701-850-6209 to see if you are eligible to be on our truck stop. If you would rather use our easy-to-use website, please give us a look at and see all of our product lists available. Give familiar with our website because this is going to be the place that gives you all of your truck stop information. We look forward to giving you amazing fish and hearing from you soon.

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The only Seafood North Dakota has that is worth ordering from is going to be off the hook seafood. This is the Midwest mobile seafood market bringing you a Premier Source for fresh and frozen seafood. We have a Product list, truck routes, fundraising options, and testimonials available on our easy-to-use website as well as the link to our social media Pages for easy accessibility. With plenty of reviews to show how amazing our seafood is as well as pre-ordering options, we can ensure that our mobile market route schedule is going to entice you to see if your community is on our list.

Be sure to pay attention to our Seafood North Dakota Catch of the Day as it is daily updated on our website. We also keep our product list updated so you can start shopping from alligators to squid to different sushi grades of fish. It does not matter what type of fish you are in the market for, it is a good bet that we are going to have it available for you. Fresh or frozen, shellfish, specialty meats and so much more we strongly encourage you to check out all our list of available fresh and frozen products. You are going to love it!

So you have Seafood North Dakota products, but you have no idea what to do with all your seafood options? No worries as we have recipes available and spices available to order on our website. Many of our customers love our recipes and we guarantee that you will too. Bring some fish into your family’s day and dinner table and you will not regret it. We probably provide the Midwest with the best and freshest Seafood options from Frozen to live shellfish to specialties. Customers Rave about how amazing our quality and selections are for fish and we know that you will too.

Many customers enjoy our Founders as we provide consistent and amazing customer service, unlike any other seafood delivery company. Many claim that we are the Cornerstone of what other companies should look like and that makes us very proud. You will have to be sure to try the seasoned sausages and shrimp burgers as they are definitely a customer favorite. With our truck route serving over 35 communities, we can ensure that if you were in the North Dakota area, it does not matter if you are not at our truck stop, but we will be able to come to a town near you.

There is no reason not to go online to to see all of the different products that are available as well as different recipes you can use for seafood that you did not get with our company. If you have any questions or concerns about our easy-to-use website or our product list or perhaps your truck route, please be sure to give us a call today at 701-850-6209 and we would love to be able to take care of any concerns we may have. Let us show you that we care about your service as well as your family and be sure to only buy your fish through off the hook seafood.