Put down that infamous supermarket pickup app and instead call Seafood North Dakota to receive the highest quality seafood that can be found in the North Dakota area. Not only will you find only premium seafood in our inventory, but we are proud to offer convenience that even the big markets claim to have, but always fall short of. Instead of coming to just pick up at your earliest convenience, we offer a mobile seafood delivery route that makes the option of getting seafood in North Dakota a whole lot easier. Seafood that is quality meat and convenient? We promise it’s true.

Our mobile seafood delivery route is always a hit to our loyal customers at Seafood North Dakota. With a mobile seafood delivery route that is always expanding, we grow along with our customers and their ravenous appetites! We are constantly throwing new locations to our routes and we have no inclination of ever stopping our expansion. Our company strongly believes that high quality food should be available without question to the lovely community we live in. With the prices of food going up and the quality of what our diet consists of going down, we believe it’s time to take back our diet and provide our community with only the best.

If it is simple and easy to order food that has been sourced by unknown regions and/or animal body parts, here at Seafood North Dakota believes it should be just as easy to get high quality fresh or frozen seafood as well! Our website not only shows the stops we make along our mobile seafood delivery route, but you now also have the availability of pre-ordering on our website for the customers who do not have the time or the energy to speak to our wonderful representatives. When we say convenience is also a standard of ours, we mean it and plan to keep practicing that with our customers.

Not only are our mobile delivery route schedules and pre-ordering options available online, but we also show our catch of the day inventory which is, if you can guess, uploaded daily! Our latest catch of the day have been stocked by swordfish, halibut, oysters, krab dip, different varieties of herring, and much, much more! We know it may go without saying, but we promise any and all fish that are in our inventory have come from the deep blue ocean from our hooks as well as the other 3 vendors we use to help stockpile our fish. Only sourcing with the best partners helps us keep our promise to our customers of only the best coming out of our shop.

Don’t just take our word for it. We have many videos and testimonials listed on our website that we would love for you to look at when you go to https://seafoodoffthehook.com today. There you not only find those amazing testimonials, but you will also have insider information about our catches of the day and our mobile seafood delivery route stops. If you find yourself looking for an answer to a question that cannot be found on our website, we would recommend you call our friendly staff today when you call 701-850-6209 to see how professional we truly are.

Seafood North Dakota | Salmon Says…

If you are trying to come up with a game plan for dinner, don’t think Seafood North Dakota isn’t available for you! Our mobile seafood delivery route gives the option for the consumer at home to see if their community qualifies for one of our delivery stops and see when their next stop will be at the closest qualifying location. If we are delivering to a stop near you today, you will be able to prepare fresh or frozen quality seafood for your family or guests tonight for dinner! Good quality seafood should not have to be an anomaly to find or obtain for your household.

We mentioned Seafood North Dakota and our mobile seafood delivery service, but we understand it may be a hard sell to the average consumer who has not experienced our amazing seafood experience. It’s true we not only deliver frozen fish, but we can and do deliver fresh as well. When you buy frozen fish at the store, oftentimes you have no idea how long the frozen fish has been caught and when it truly started to freeze. Some of our clients buy fresh fish just to freeze it themselves and guarantee how long the fish has been on ice. Knowing how your meat has been prepared should be a must in your kitchen!

To take our convenience for our customers even further, Seafood North Dakota not only has our mobile seafood delivery route located on our website, but you can pre-order your seafood fish order on our website as well. Living in the 21st century should qualify us to easily order food for our families, and not just food that is not good to be in our diets/bodies. We deserve to order food that will benefit our minds and bodies and that is one of the main reasons we started our company. With technology advancements booming, why should we not advance good, clean food for our communities?

There is no need to call us to see if your community has a mobile seafood delivery location because we offer our mobile seafood delivery route for anyone who has access to our website. We would love to talk to you and go over any question or concern you may have, but we understand not all of our customers have an open schedule. That is why we wanted to list our routes on our website and give you the opportunity to register your community to be on our list if it qualifies. We are expanding our routes daily and would like to see if we can put your neighborhood on the list!

Seeing how we never even started to touch on our inventory or our catches of the day, you have no other choice than to look on our website at https://seafoodoffthehook.com and look at all the fish we have gotten out of the sea to bring to your dinner table. If there is anything about our message and our story that you have concerns about, our lovely staff members look forward to chatting with you when you call us at 701-850-6209. We would love for you to get a feel for the experience we want to provide you and your family with.