Seafood North Dakota it’s going to give one of the best and most exotic experiences all around. If you want the most diverse and best tasting fish you’ve ever had,we are going to be the guys for you. We have a large variety of sea bass, mahi mahi, octopus and Gator meat available for you. You can find all these different products on our truck that travels across North Dakota on a route that is laid out so you can access it. We have incredibly affordable prices and sell all of our items for the pound. you can get a whole gator, a baby octopus, or a bag of breaded frog legs if you’re looking to try something fresh and have a new adventurous food experience

You can find a lot of different kinds of Shellfish that are very delicious for you to enjoy with your friends. We have Crawfish that you can add to a Seafood boil, and completely enhance the flavor of your soup. Seafood North Dakota he’s proud to offer you shellfish that have a great flavor and is available to you at a very low affordable price. All of our shellfish come in different kinds of packaging and Portion sizes. We have clams that come in a chops container that you can have them Frozen in their own natural juices so you can preserve all that incredible flavor. This flavor is going to enhance all of our dishes and will be great on top of a bed of rice or delicious jambalaya.

Another type of shellfish that we carry is of course crawfish. This is the most popular and most loved all across Louisiana is our crawfish. We have crawfish sold in whole pieces and we have the tail meat taken out and sold separately too. You can buy a bag of the Crawfish tail meat and add it to any kind of dish you’d like to get a buttery,rich, and flavorful protein source. We sell all of these tasty shellfish options at Seafood North Dakota .

Our crab is some of our most popular shellfish options as well. Everybody loves crab so we make sure that we have a kind that everybody would like. We sell a whole crab, crab clusters, crab legs, and even crab claws. You could also find some of our cold water lobster tails that are delicious and luxurious. We can give them to you in a 4 to 5 oz portion. The different kinds of shellfish we have are all natural, and unprocessed. we don’t add anything to our fish and make sure that the national flavors can come out wherever you are cooking with them.

For all of our customers who love shellfish, you’re also going to love the amount of muscles that we have also. We have muscle meats that are great to add to Pasta dishes, Italian meals, and Brazilian foods. You can find scallops, snow crab, and soft shell crabs all prepared and ready for you to cook here with us. you can give us a call at(701) 850-6209 for any answers about our shellfish, or read our full selection on our website at

Seafood North Dakota | Exotic proteins

Seafood North Dakota Operative ability to purchase wholesale fresh first caught at a local c. we catch all of our fish fresh and we’ll make sure that you’re getting high quality products anytime you purchase from us. You can find exotic freshly cut fish and even traditional all right. I’m such a snow crab, scallops, and salmon in our traveling food truck. You can purchase our famous shrimp burgers and find tons of different varieties of recipes you can use to cook them all. We are some of the best wholesalers of freshly caught fish.

you can find tons of different exotic proteins whatever you are shopping throughout our wide selection of meats. Our clients have loved us for a long time because of the availability we give them to find locally caught Wild and unprocessed fish. but we have more than just fish here at our shop. You can find tons of different spices, herbs, and interesting specialty meats here atSeafood North Dakota too. One of the facility meals that we like to offer is the baby octopus. These are small octopi that are great for you to enjoy the Savory Tangy flavor of octopus without having a fully matured tentacle on the fish.

Another great option we have for you if you want to try something a little bit more adventurous is the alligator meat. We have a whole Gator that you can purchase to barbecue and place on your dinner table to enjoy. These are going to be one of the most talked about dinner pieces in your family. The Gatorade also comes in a prepackaged and breaded for a more Savory and crunchier bite.Seafood North Dakota has frog legs, for you to enjoy. They are incredible in their texture and are great when you compare them with our frying cornmeal breadings. A lot of our proteins such as our Gator meats and frog legs are great whenever they’re fried that is why we like to sell you cornmeal mixes and Seasonings to help you make them taste great at

With our expertise and knowledge about all of our products, you are going to have all of your questions answered and taken care of. whether you have eaten these items before or you have no idea how to cook them it is your first time we can help you. we will help you know how to prepare them correctly and enjoy them. You can also find exotic options such as calamari which are also great when fried. These can be cut horizontally into rings and deep fried, similar to how luxurious restaurants do it. you can get this for a great price for only a fraction of what restaurants will charge you.

if you want to try out some more exotic foods you can give us a call today at(701) 850-6209 or go online to view our specialty options on our website at