One thing you should not have to sacrifice when it comes to you and your family’s well being is quality food and quality food is all you are going to find at Seafood North Dakota. The number one reason why we started our company was the love for our community and the ability to provide that company and our own home with quality fresh or frozen seafood. We take it to the next level by providing our customers with a mobile seafood delivery route. You shouldn’t just have the ability to get food that should not be anywhere near your family in a convenient way to cater to you and your families schedules, you should have this ability for quality seafood!

If you live in the Midwest region of the country, you may think Seafood North Dakota options would only be available in overpriced and understaffed local supermarkets that may or may not be healthy for you to consume. You could not be any more wrong, however! Our founder’s family started its roots in this area and wanted to have the ability to enjoy the quality seafood people on the coast or in other countries had access to. With a passion for fishing and a niche for business, our founders set out on a journey to not just provide the community with amazing seafood, but to provide a mobile delivery service for others to enjoy as well.

No, you didn’t misread the above info – Seafood North Dakota is proud to serve our customers with not only frozen seafood, but we have live seafood options available. No matter if you are wanting fresh fish to serve for the next meal of your choice or if you need fresh fish to later freeze and have the peace of mind knowing when exactly the fish was put on ice, we guarantee you will love our fresh seafood option. The majority of our clients were only used to buying frozen seafood at their local supermarkets, but upon hearing we offer fresh fish as well as our mobile seafood delivery options is always a game changer.

Not only can you receive good, quality fish in fresh or frozen, but we also are able to provide you with the option to pre-order your food before our mobile seafood delivery truck gets to your route stop. Quality and fresh options should not mean you have to sacrifice your schedule to be first in line to receive your desired seafood options, you should be able to pre-order after viewing our catch of the day on our website. That way you can plan your families meals accordingly and prepare your freezer or your kitchen for the right kind of seafood your dinner table is calling out for.

If you have the opportunity to read this article, we know you are going to have the opportunity to check out our easy to website to view our mobile seafood delivery route and all its stops along the way. When you go to https:/// you will also have the ability to check our catches of the day that is obviously updated daily as well as view all the video testimonials our customers have given us singing our praises. Don’t worry if there is information you cannot easily find on our website, we would love for you to call our friendly reps when you call 701-850-6209.

Seafood North Dakota | Put The Swordfish Down

Get the idea out of your head that the only way to get Seafood North Dakota is by taking a trip out to the ocean yourself. Stop looking up fishing licenses you need to obtain to just bring back home some swordfish you try and fish for yourself. And you don’t have to look up local fishing guides in the area near the ocean you’re going to try and vacation to. You have a mobile seafood delivery service nearby you in the Midwest area already! We proudly offer quality fish whether it be fresh or frozen and we offer it in a way that it can be delivered to your front door.

Fresh and frozen are both on the menu at Seafood North Dakota. Unlike the majority of local supermarkets, we are proud to offer fresh seafood options on top of our awesome frozen options. It’s hard to find a grocery store that offers anything fresh and especially in North Dakota you might have thought that fresh fish was not an option for your family. One of the main reasons we started our company was to give our community of North Dakota the option to have quality seafood – and fresh is included in that vision! Now you have the knowledge of knowing exactly when your fish was put on ice.

Pre-ordering options are also available at Seafood North Dakota! If you have the ability to pre-order other groceries to then go pick up whenever they have your items ready, you should have the ability to pre-order your fresh or frozen fish and get them delivered to a location that is scheduled with our mobile seafood delivery routes. Just because we offer a dinner option that is quality over the boxed and pre-packaged options we have around us today, does not mean we will skimp out any other conveniences we can provide for our customers. Your family’s dinner table deserves that and your family’s schedule book will thank us!

When you go online to check out our website to see if your town qualifies for our mobile seafood delivery route, be sure to also check our catches of the day that we routinely upload. The most recent catches consist of varieties of salmon, cods, bass, herring, and many more options. We also offer a seaweed salad that is to salivate over! On top of our catches of the day uploads, our website hosts a multitude of recipes that will cater to any seafood purchases you explore with us today! We want your family to thoroughly enjoy dinner time and have peace knowing exactly what they are consuming – no surprises or additives.

You can view all of our amazing testimonials and all of our inventory when you visit our website located at as well as look to see if your neighborhood qualifies for our mobile seafood delivery route. Don’t worry if you can’t immediately find your location. Not only do we add to our routes all the time, but when you call one of our representatives at 701-850-6209, they will be able to give you some more insight on where you can go to easily obtain the best seafood that North Dakota has to offer. Put down the fishing gear, and give our company a call!