Whenever you are pre-ordering from Seafood North Dakota, you will be able to check out our Mobile Market schedule to see if you are at our next stop. We also have recipes available as a lot of our customers do not know what to do with all of these Seafood options. Owned by a company in Fargo, North Dakota, the main focus of our fundraising is going to be for the North Dakota area and the upper midwest so this should show how much we care for our communities. Starting in 2013, our founders believe everyone should have access to fresh seafood.

The best seafood North Dakota fish you can receive is going to be from Off The Hook Seafood which is the Midwest Mobile Seafood market. You can see our product list and truck route available online on our website as well as fundraising details and testimonials from our clients current and in the past. We are the Premier Source for fresh and frozen seafood and you will be able to read many reviews as well as pre-order when you do check out that online option. We have an updated route schedule that is constantly growing and currently serving over 35 communities.

You should stay up to date on the Seafood North Dakota Catch of the Day as our website is updating daily on the product list and stops that may have been canceled or are delayed. We believe in staying transparent and current on every hookup that may happen on the road. We value our customers that much and this is why although we would love to get you your fresh and frozen fish, shellfish, meats, and more, we will let you know if something runs off track for whatever reason. We are also going to provide you with recipes if you do not know what to do with your Seafood options and so much more.

We have been serving the Midwest with the best and most varied Seafood options since 2013 when we got our start delivering Seafood to oil workers. From then on, we worked on our reputation and our connections have branched to the company we are today. Our customers love our amazing customer service and seafood. Many of our customers tell us that our Founders are very knowledgeable and all of our products and that is something that we take pride in. We have been told to recommend these seasoned sausages and shrimp burgers as they are our customer’s favorite so be sure to check them out!

If you are ready to see if you are on a truck route in North Dakota, be sure to go online to our website at www.seafoodoffthehook.com to see if we have stops near you. You can also give us a call today at 701-850-6209 if you do not see your route listed and want to inquire about when we can be coming to that area. Be sure to ask if we will have shipping available soon as that is a discussion our company is currently having. Give your family some fresh frozen or specialty fish today whenever you give us a call.

Seafood North Dakota | Fresh And Frozen

For the best seafood North Dakota has to offer, there is only one place to check out and that will be Off The Hook Seafood with a variety of products listed and a truck route that is expanding over 35 communities, this Midwest mobile seafood market is the Premier Source for fresh and frozen seafood. We have fundraising options available for our communities in North Dakota and the Midwest as well as testimonials that Rave about how amazing our customer service truly is. You will have the availability to pre-order whenever you read our reviews and we are excited to show you our fish.

For the Seafood North Dakota mobile market route schedule, head online and see if your town is going to be on that root stop. Have no fear if it is not, yet as we are expanding daily. Be sure to stay up to date on our Catch of the Day as that is always updated to show if there are any delays or cancellations of trucks due to weather or other circumstances. Our company believes in being transparent and honest with our customers and that is what we hope will shine through in our business practice. With a product list ranging from alligator to squid to octopus to sushi, we know that there is going to be something for everyone.

If you are looking for Seafood North Dakota in Specialties of fresh, frozen, shellfish, meats, and more then you are going to need to check out our available fresh and frozen products. If you are intimidated by all the different seafood options and do not know how to cook them, then we have many recipes that are available online as well as sell different spices that would be an amazing addition to your family dinner table. The founders started their company in 2013 and expanding to what they are today, we are very proud to present these different fish daily.

There are fundraising options available to help your group achieve its fundraising goals. Being a family-owned company out of North Dakota, it is our Focus to provide our partners through North Dakota and the Upper Midwest with the best seafood can that can be found anywhere. It does not matter if you are a church group, Athletic team, school, youth group, or other community organization as we can all benefit when they partner with our company. You will experience a well-organized program, minimum effort for group leaders, and a risk-free no upfront cost. Be sure to check these options out online and give us a call for further questioning.

It does not matter if your family likes one fish from the ocean or all, our mobile seafood market will have something that will please everybody in your family. You can check out all of our product lists and truck routes available on the website www.seafoodofthehook.com and see all of the amazing products we have. If you have any questions about our easy-to-use website then please give us a call today at the number 701-850-6209. We look forward to providing your family’s dinner table with the best food that we can provide and hope to hear from you soon.