We are the provider for north dakota seafood and we provide the best frozen fish, lifestyle, fish, and specialties. A whole recline is looking for. We are happy to provide the Midwest with the best of fresh seafood options. You can check out recipes and we’re on our website, and we have fresh and frozen fish, shellfish meats, and more. You can see our product list and check out our mobile market route schedule. We are happy that we get to supply North Dakota with the best possible seafood and specialties that they can think of. We are all about customer service and we can’t wait for you to try what we have to offer.

Why would you recommend North Dakota seafood to a friend or family member? I would recommend off the Hook seafood because they are the men bless mobile seafood market and they offer Premier, fresh or frozen seafood. But they don’t just do any type of fish, they offer all kinds of specialties, and one of a kind fish that you can’t find anywhere else. You can do all kinds of recipes and everything to you. Our mobile market call schedule is available on our website and you can check it out to see if we are going to make any stops near you.

What are some frequently asked questions about North Dakota seafood? Where do we get the seafood from? We get Oliver Seafood from the ocean. Seriously, we have vendors on all three coaches that we get to the source room. We receive all kinds of fresh and frozen products several times a week and get shipments every other week. Is the seafood wild or farmed? We always like to source wild, caught fish and seafood whenever it is possible but for our wife it is not that easy. Some items just aren’t available wild. In those cases we always go with the farm product from the vendors with the best pharmacy practices.

If I place an order, can you ship it to my home? Right now we only do orders to direct pick up at one of them in the regular stops. We do have a lot of plans to be able to expand the operations with the redesign website to allow online ordering, and a direct delivery to anywhere in the United States.

You can check it out online https://seafoodoffthehook.com/ and see all of our recipes, product list and more. Check her out to see if you’re on to the next one.
You can call us at 701-850-6209 for any questions you may have or you can like us on Facebook.

North Dakota Seafood | Off The Hook Seafood

If you were looking for North Dakota seafood, look no further. This Midwest, mobile seafood market is your premier source, profession, frozen food. We go above and beyond to make sure that all of our customers get the best fresh and frozen fish, shellfish meats, and more. On our website you can view what recipes and more to be able to figure out how to best utilize your fish. We do frozen fish, meat, live shellfish and specialty fish. We have a mobile market route where we travel and deliver frequent stops to all of our fellow people who live in North Dakota. Don’t miss out on the chance to try some of our fresh and frozen seafood, you won’t regret it.

How long am I able to keep fresh products from North Dakota seafood before I have to use it? We always encourage you to use your fresh items within 24 to 48 hours of your purchase. If for whatever reason you can’t use it, then we always will have you considered freezing it for later. Can I freeze the fresh fish if I bought it if I can’t use it in time? Yes fresh product can be frozen for later Use that is not an issue whatsoever. What is the best method for freezing fresh seafood? We always recommend the vacuum sealing option. If you can, another way is to place your seafood in a large Ziploc freezer bag and fill it with water to help cover the product.

I am doing a seafood boil for the first time with North Dakota seafood. How long do I cook everything? Seafood boils are a great seafood option. Personally, it is one of my favorite things to eat. That is a great question because timing is absolutely important. Whenever you make a seafood boil. We often like to season the water with the boil seasoning, and then add our potatoes first as they take the longest to Make. And then you will bring it to a boil and cook until they are soft. Then you’ll add the corn on the cob and sausage and cook for an additional 4 to 5 minutes then you can add your seafood at the end and make sure that your crab, crawfish or shrimp is all thawed and it needs about 5 to 6 minutes while Shrimplin needs three minutes.

How do I know where I can find your mobile seafood market? We offer a set route and keep the consistency scheduled to know that the client will always know where they can find us. We have a monthly calendar on our website with all the locations and you can join our Facebook group off the Hook seafood sales to see where you are. Can I place an order and have somebody else pick it up? Yes, that’s one issue with taking payment. How do I place an order? You can place an order through the website just to make sure that we have everything that you’re wanting. If not, then you will be asked to indicate where you’ll be picking up your order. It is not available to ship at the time, but we are working towards that in the future.

You can visit our website https://seafoodoffthehook.com/ to check out our truck, route menu, see our product list, learn more about us, see frequently, ask questions, see what clients are saying about us, and more. Call us today 701-850-6209 to get your seafood ordered.