Our, the North Dakota Seafood community is very important to us and we want to be able to give a wide range of seafood out to the world. we are a very honest and transparent company and you can tell on our menu on our website that we have every thing Christ right for you to see by the pound. We find that this is very important in giving you the experience that you always remember and have you coming back to us and giving you that peace of mind that you know what you are paying for right before you need it. Right as you needed.

we, the North Dakota Seafood are a company that offers many different types of seafood and we even have specialties such as baby octopus or grown octopus. We sell these by the pound. As well as we sell gator meat that is a main attraction for the next backyard get-together. go and throw it on your slow cooker or on your grill and and let it give you and your family, your party, and your friends delicious and memorable experience that you will always remember. we also sell gator meat as little gator bites. we felt like we need to sell this because we what you you but I have the right thing for the right job. We also sell frog legs that tastes like chicken but they are pride and really get on the grill. we also sell squid to are great when breaded and fried for calamari. They have a tender texture and absorb the flavors any food that you with.

if you are looking for seasonings and dry foods then we, the North Dakota Seafood are there.we sell a gumbo base that is gumbo only one convenient package for you and your food.just go ahead and add your choice of meat or seafood and serve it right over rice. and then you have gumbo. We are excited to be able to give this opportunity know that you are going to love it. We also add different types of breading from air Friar fish that is made with, healthy and very tasty. We also add Cajun fish fry which is for the spice lovers out there and we want to be able to extend this to them. we know that you will love it. we also have other types of breading fish fry crisps that is good for meats and vegetables. we also have a nola style fish fry, that New Orleans style that you want to add to your food.

premixes then we have that for you as well such as barbecue sauce and you are going to absolutely enjoy every way we also have Cajun dirty rice. and this is going to be a perfect time for you to add ground meat and you are going to love it. We also have jambalaya mix and red and red beans and. We want to be able to give you options.

if you want to learn more, then we have our website that you can look at and we have a full and detailed list of everything that we have to offer. Our website is seafoodoffthehook.com. If you would also like to call us then you can call us at701-850-6209.

North Dakota Seafood

when it comes to seafood there is no other place that doesn’t matter then off the hook, the North Dakota Seafood. we offer tons of different types of products seafood ranging seafood ranging from different, mixes, breading’s, fishes, much more. we want to be able to give you the options and know exactly how much actually spending we give every one of our products price so you know exactly how much everything costs right from the comfort of your home on our website. We went to the best products at the best prices and we know that we can do this.

we, the North Dakota Seafood offer so many different types of fishes and we want you to know that we have your back when it comes to having that variety that you, your friends, your family, your party deserves. Right from the source, we collect all our fishes and we make sure that they are readily available to you by the pound for the best prices. we started as a small company that growing up with Midwesterners, all we had was just tuna and fish sticks and walleye every once in a while.we were able to travel to the United Kingdom so that we can study much more different types of seafood so that we can start a company and 2013 that we ended up doing.

We’ve always wanted to give the best quality for fresh and frozen seafood products. we, the North Dakota Seafood want to make all this possible for you and make sure that you have what it is that you need for the best right price. We keep up with their schedule and we make sure that we serve as many communities as we can and North Dakota. we absolutely are the place that you need to go to North Dakota when it comes to getting the best range of fish and country. No matter what we are worth traveling to to grab your fish.

we want you to be able to reach out to us and we want to be able to know what matters to you. We offer so many different products that you will grow to enjoy and we will constantly be unmatchable and on paralleled and the prices that we offer for our fish because we care about you and we want you to have the best when it comes to seafood because we feel that is a food that is meant to be enjoyed by you, your friends, and your family.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us. We want to know what you think about our company and we want to be able to do more for you. you are the most important part of our company because this is what we do. We buy fish andwe make sure that we sell it to you for the best price and we make it readily available for you. We have been serving our company and many different communities, over 35 different communities for over 10 years and we want to be known to do the same thing every single day. If you want to know what we are about visit our website seafoodoffthehook.com. You can also call us at 701-850-6209.