we, the North Dakota Seafood grew up in a small town just outside of Fargo and wanted to give the best seafood out to those that come through our doors every single day. We wanted to be able to make sure that you have the fish to eat for you and we are going to want to make sure that the fish is perfect for you. We offer so many different types of fish such as catfish, tuna, salmon, and other options that you may have never tried before. This is why we can are considered the best seafood in North Dakota. We want to be able to display all the different textures in all the different flavors of many different fish that we have to offer because we believe that you deserve it.

One favorite fish that you can try is perch which is a freshwater fish found in Oklahoma and is very good and we, the North Dakota Seafood can serve it to you perfectly. you can try our fish tacos which are absolutely delectable. You are going to be able to see all of our different options on our website. you can surprise your friends with a amazing meal when you bring them into our place.

here at off the hook you can try our, the North Dakota Seafood different fishes. Go ahead and try stuff ranging from our super9 tasty made from scratch crab dip delicious especially with crackers, read or even your fingers whatever it takes to also try our creamy and savory cream dill. will make sure that this is something you try. you can try our sweet wine herring, which is absolutely delectable as marinated lines off balance sweetness. and t A our calamari salad which is absolutely worth needing. You can try seaweed salad that is as mouthwatering unique texture that you will never forget. you can try smoked salmon which is absolute delectable and mouthwatering. You can also try Arsenal whitefish. Whitefish is absolutely mild, moist absolutely delectable. It is To perfection and grade on it or you can try.

if you like shrimp come to the right place our most popular shrimp is Argentine red, which is large, wild, and water shrimp that has the flavor that you are going for. You can also try our black Tiger that it is unique because it has stripes which is why it is called Tiger. It is easily recognizable and has a mild risk firm texture.you will absolutely enjoy it. go ahead and try our freshwater prawns that you will absolutely enjoy as it is delicious on the stovetop.

If you have any questions for us and anything else that we offer, go to our website and we have a full list of everything that we offer and all of her services that we offer. You can reach us at our website. Our website is seafoodoffthehook.com. if you would also like to call us and that is completely fine and you can reach us at 701-850-6209.

North Dakota Seafood

we, the North Dakota Seafood here at off the hook seafood believe that you should have the best experience when it comes to eating fish. We have many different top options when it comes to eating the product that we have. Come try our firm you are absolutely going to enjoy you can try our shrimp burgers pre made and full of ingredients that you can’t pronounce, but it is absolutely amazing. you can try our goal shrimp had on which is a large wild caught gold shrimp with the heads on. this gives it more flavor. we are sure that you are going to absolutely enjoy it.

we, the North Dakota Seafood can also give you the chance to try the gold shrimp P and D, which is a wild caught, medium-sized USA girlfriend. They are delicious treats in her building divine which. If you are eating pasta, gumbos or anything that you can add seafood to you, this is absolutely amazing to add to and we are excited to be able to give you this opportunity to eat this with a.we also offer many different types of fish ranging from catfish to because. Our catfish is absolutely delectable and we love them with the blackening sees deep-fried. We can do both for those. Arcot is absolutely delectable and delicious and they are ideal for making ships. these have firm textures and are harvested from the icy waters of Alaska.

Other fishes that we, the North Dakota Seafood offer our caught from the live caught from the line specific in their Thickest. These are mild in Flavor are perfect to bake with. go ahead and also fry our halibut which is absolutely amazing when it comes to mildly sweet flavors. it has a firm texture and a large flake. But it is and amazing for grilling. we are excited for you to enjoy all our fishes. But if you would like to learn more you can visit our website.hear you can also learn about how you can try our salmon portions which are from Canada. These are thick delicious fillets.

you can also to Our Sea bass that is absolutely superb and has a rich buttery taste. we know you will absolutely enjoy this Chilean experience and love this fish and will come back for more. you can try our snapper met comes in fillets and can be baked, broiled or sautéed. or even use raw sushi. we are very excited to be able to give this opportunity to you to try all these different types of fishes and we want to be able to give out to our community and have them try a large variety of different types of fish that they can enjoy from our restaurant.

if you would like to reach out to us and that is completely fine you can go to our website at seafoodoffthehook.com. This here you can see a long list of everything that we have to offer and how much each fish actually is. we are very excited to be able to give this to you. Go ahead and reach out to us and call us at 701-850-6209.