I share a similar experience with the wife of the founder of North Dakota Seafood Off The Hook in the seaside town also. So we both knew what it was like to experience Seafood as a child and grow up loving it as a main dish. It’s uncommon for somebody to grow up in a place where they get to enjoy Seafood growing up as part of their mail Staples. More likely you are like the founder of this company that grew up in a small town right outside of Fargo. Who mainly had Seafood in the way of fish sticks and tuna.

For somebody that grew up having the luxury of having Seafood all the time and having it be something that is part of not only their dinner plate but of the culture of where they grew up it is a hard thing for me to imagine not going up being able to eat salmon and crab and shrimp very often. Not to mention the Beautiful halibuts and tilapia that came across my plate very often. Well, I feel very privileged, I also know that this is something that North Dakota Seafood off the hook is committed to changing for so many people in the Midwest and across the country. They have probably started their mobile fish market in order to bring Seafood to the masses and so that there are other people that whenever they grow up they don’t have to say that all that they had its first fish was tuna and maybe the occasional fish sticks.

I also happen to know that many people in the Midwest enjoy salmon patties, although the salmon that comes out of a cannon is a little different from what you’re going to get from North Dakota Seafood. Whenever I first heard about this country company I didn’t think that they were going to be able to deliver the freshness and the quality paste that you get from eating fresh fish that has been caught out of the ocean that day but to my surprise, they have delivered a quality that I thought was impossible.

They have the highest quality seafood that anybody can ask for, it is what they staked a reputation on. They happen to have numerous people that have grown to love their Seafood just like I do. I was surprised, and now I am addicted to the wonderful seafood they bring to my city. Their dependable route makes some easily available to their growing patronage.

So whenever you get the chance you must enjoy North Dakota Seafood from off the hook because instead of salmon patties that come out of the can you are going to be able to enjoy leveling up and trying they’re incredible shrimp burgers which has quickly become a favorite of mine and a staple in my household. This is easy to do whenever they come at such an affordable price of just $16 per box with 4 Burgers in the box that’s dinner for us give them a call at
701-850-6209 or go to offthehook.com

North Dakota Seafood | Come Fishing

Wherever you go up and see a size town like I did the phrase come fishing means something very special to you. So it’s a little different whenever you say that and you are talking about North Dakota Seafood from off the hook because we are not going to be able to take you fishing because most of the places that we serve are in the Midwest and landlocked places. So that means that you may not have grown up having salmon or shrimp or herring on a normal basis and that is quite sad but the people at North Dakota Seafood off the hook are working very hard to change this because the founder himself did not grow up in a place that he got to enjoy all of this wonderful Seafoods so as a child. But his wife did that whenever he started discovering these wonderful tastes he knew that he had missed out that that was why he decided to down this company.

Cut North Dakota Seafood off the hook they have a unique menu that includes things like Calamari Salad and Seaweed salad which are both unique and flavorful in their own right they are both unforgettable in their flavor and both quite hard to quit eating by myself happened to be quite addicted to the seaweed salad.

and then they have some traditional Classics like sweet wine Herring which is a favorite of anybody that has lived by the sea. The sperm herring filets marinated in a sweet wine sauce that is perfect and has a balance of sweetness that makes it a winner for every her hearing a liver which I just happen to be. This is something that I remember having even as a child and thinking that it was special because it had wine in it.

Another way that they prepare their Herring is a cream Dill Herring dip which is really amazing. It’s a perfect blend of sour cream and Dill and sweet Herring and it’s something that you will not forget once you have tried it. And the reason that you will be calling North Dakota Seafood off the hook again and again.

If you’re like me then crap is your favorite even if you do have to pull the shells off of the Craigslist before you eat them, but I happen to enjoy this part. It is something I look forward to every time I know that I’m going to have crap I get up my crap Shell Toes and I get busy getting that sweet crab meat out of the shell so that I can eat it is part of the process and the part that you learn to love whenever you love crap but off the hook offers a Kickin Crab dip that is absolutely amazing no shells included leave the tools at home so give him a call at 701-850-6209 or go to offthejhook.com