Whenever I was a young child living in a coastal fishing town. I was privileged enough to grow up and have seafood every single day of my life. Which was a great privilege much like having North Dakota Seafood. Because here’s the thing: whenever you eat seafood you can paste in the ocean and enjoy one of God’s great gifts to us. At off the hook, we utilize Seafood in the very best of ways because We have an amazing Chef that has cultivated a menu that is going to knock your socks off and it’s going to be something that you have never had before and if you haven’t ever had their smoked salmon I tell you now that it is a trait that you will not forget.

Off the hook, North Dakota Seafood feels like a privilege and a great decadence that you will enjoy every single time it will impress your guests, and it will impress your clients, so it is good to have any kind of high-class or banquet-type dinner presentation. We have a large and wide variety of food that is only going to come from chefs that have experience working with the best seafood out there. That is why we are so proud of our menu and the choices that it gives you. If you are having a boil we will have every single thing that you need if you were having a banquet dinner with very elite guests we have that covered too. We have every kind of shrub that is in the ocean, and we are going to be able to cater that to you in a fresh and well-maintained way.

At North Dakota Seafood we understand that the best fish is fresh fish and I never believe that you could ever find a fish that would be fresh or taste fresh if it had been frozen but that is not the case Seafood has figured out how to do this because it is going to taste exactly like it did whenever it came out of the icy cold waters of Alaska and I can tell you that from experience because whatever has a little girl that was the only kind of fish that I ever faked as I lived in Alaska.

I have said many times in my life that it will never be like having fresh fish or having fresh seafood whenever it is frozen, but I stand corrected because Seafood has figured out how to do that and they should be very proud of themselves for doing so. They are the best seafood company in the country.

North Dakota Seafood | Taste Like Alaska

Add North Dakota Seafood we are dedicated to making sure that every time you have our Seafood it is going to taste like you just walked into an Alaskan restaurant. And the thing is I can test for this on a personal level because I happened to grow up in a little city named Ketchikan, AK. In catch can we were at fishing City I had family and friends that as a little girl I looked up to and that went out on the boat every single year. Some of them are crabbers or fishermen or just worked at the canning plant. But they all looked at what they did and they were all passionate about making sure that the Seafood that they brought out of the sea was the very best quality there could be. I remember when my dad would go to The Cannery and he would pick up a bag or two of shrimp right from The Cannery and it would be a way for our family to eat cheaply. Watching our budget but we got to enjoy things like whole bags of fresh shrimp for a shrimp boil that night that would come in and he would boil that fish and then he would just put it all out over the table and make a homemade butter garlic sauce to go with it was one of my favorite things as a little girl. But then I grew up and I moved down here to the lower 48.

These nights my dad would bring home bags of shrimp and we would have a shrimp boil. These would be some of my Fondest Memories and things that I’d never thought that I would be able to experience again in life. But whenever I have North Dakota Seafood I get a taste of home every time. The freshness is on canning and I have never believed that I would be able to enjoy such fresh shrimp again. I thought that was something that I would leave in my past as a little girl and I am so happy to say that this is the Seafood from off the hook is the closest thing to the shrimp that I had as a young child as I have experienced. We are the most exciting solution for whatever you need. If you need good stuff, then you will need to find what we are doing for you.

The ocean has a very special place in my heart and so do all the meals that come from it and the Animals the reason is because of my experience growing up on the coast and having this as something that our family was very involved in. When I woke up in the morning and I looked out for front windows and saw the ocean it was a beautiful sight it was also a site that created an atmosphere but I grew up where Seafood was an everyday part of life something that we survived on and we’re privileged to get to have as our native food stop. And it is great that North Dakota Seafood off the hook can bring that to the rest of us now that I belong to the rest of the country just like everybody else. So give them a call at 701-850-6209 or check out their web website offthehook.com