Off The Hook Seafood is the best North Dakota seafood, offering you the best quality fish. What makes those stand out from the rest as we have a mobile market routine schedule that you’ll be able to follow to see where will be stopping next. You’ll be able to pre-order your food, From deli items, shrimp, fish fresh and frozen, shellfish, And other specialties such as octopus, gator, frog legs, and squid. We also offer seasoning and dry goods for all of your fresh and shrub needs. We also offer other meat such as bacon, pork, and sausage. We deliver premium seafood every single time. We pride ourselves in bringing the highest quality fresh food fresh and frozen seafood products possible.

Being the source of quality fresh food our routes are structured to ride or regular and dependable deliveries for our customers. Our schedules stay consistent.
Depending on your location we can make market stops occurring weekly, every two weeks, or every four weeks. We serve over 35 communities throughout North Dakota. We are honored to serve our communities fresh seafood. We are confident that you will love the quality and be able to taste the quality as well.

Our deli items at all Off The Hook Seafood, we have a super tasty selection of crab dips that you can enjoy with crackers, hearing a fillet. Calamari salad seaweed salad, mouthwatering smoked salmon, and smoked whitefish. For your North Dakota seafood, we would love to bring you quality seafood. Our deli items are great to have on the side of your dinner or lunch. Or unless you want to eat it as a snack our deli items are wonderful just to eat by themselves or with other items. You won’t have to go to a sushi bar or a restaurant to have unique and unforgettable flavors. Each of our deli items has a unique taste that is hard to explain, but we can argue that it’s delicious!

For your next order of fresh or frozen seafood, Off The Hook Seafood has you covered, delivering premium seafood every single time. Fresh North Dakota seafood offers a variety of selection for your next main course meal. We have a huge selection of shrimp we have argentine red shrimp, and black tiger shrimp which have a unique appearance They have sweet flavors. The biggest shrimp that we carry it’s called a freshwater prawn you can cook them amazingly on the grill stove top or oven. Gulf shrimp head-off. shrimp burgers made from only simple ingredients. For other shrimp options we carry a gulf shrimp head-on, And the gulf shrimp medium in science these are already peeled N which makes it no extra work for you and perfect for pastas, gumbos other recipes.

To pre-order today you can call or phone number app 701 850 6209 to order online and see our huge inventory of all the different kinds of seafood we offer please visit our website at

North Dakota Seafood | Serving You Quality Flavors

Are a North Dakota seafood distributor we take pride in delivering you quality flavors. From deli options to shrimp, we have fish that you can get fresh or frozen that will including our catfish fillet, cod fillets Alaskan, cod lions pacific, halibut, and steak Alaskan. And that’s just her name of your we have a huge selection of fish you can choose from. You can pre-order or order online for your next shipment. Let your imagination go wild with our chopped clams that come frozen and their own juice. We have crawfish tails that are seasoned and they’re perfect for inspiring recipes. We have the whole crawfish, and Dungeness crab, you can get a hold of Dungeness crab if you were looking to be giving her an impressive presentation. And we also offer many other crabs and lobsters. We off a variety of shellfish that is hard to resist.

We offer other specialty means it’s on my call exotic. We have baby octopuses they’re called baby octopuses they are actually full-grown. We have 2 to 4 pounds of octopus and a package. We have a whole gator which can be a statement for your next retraction. We have just the gator meat that we sell. Frog legs, and squid tube. We offer a huge variety as a North Dakota Seafood Company. And we are excited to serve you next.

We want to give you the best quality seafood that there is. All of our seafood mainly comes from the ocean, we have vendors that we sourced from the drop-off products several times per week. We strive and take pride in sourcing wild-caught fish and seafood whenever possible. If some items are not available, in those cases, we use farm products from vendors with the best farming practices. We are still working on expanding our business and then the future will be able to allow people to order online and get directly shipped to their homes.

When cooking the best product possible we encourage you to cook your product within 24 to 48 hours, if that isn’t possible your fresh product can be frozen. Try putting it in a frozen sealed bag preferably vacuum a seal. Serving North Dakota seafood we want to offer the best quality . You can read Our reviews on our website and you can view our product list online you’ll be able to check out our available frozen products and fresh fish. We take pride in providing the best fresh seafood options. We have amazing customer service and wonderful seafood. Our team is knowledgeable about products and tips. We have an amazing product with an honest price. Do you love seafood be confident enough that you’ll be able to receive the best quality seafood here at Off The Hook Seafood. Serving over 32 towns in North Dakota, you’ll be able to see our customer reviews, these honest reviews will be able to tell you if you’re making the right decision or not when ordering from us.

If you have any questions about the quality and finding out more about where we get our fish don’t hesitate to call us at 701 850 6209 to see product selections visit us at our website at