The founder of off the hook seafood grew up in North Dakota where he did not have a lot of fresh seafood. He grew up with the normal Midwesterners diet which was some tuna as well as fish sticks may be some walleye every once in a while. The year 1999 our founder traveled to the United Kingdom so that he could study. While he was there that is where he met his wife and she had a much different seafood experience and he grew up with. She did not have the North Dakota Seafood experience.

Some things she ate she grew up or some excellent fresh grilled sardines as well as herrings snapper and mackerel. The owner convinced her to move to the United States in 2004 and ended up having several children. 2013 our family decided to start off the hook seafood. Optic seafood is what we would consider a mobile seafood market. We decide to bring excellent quality seafood people in the Midwest who are not able to get it quickly. When her to bring high-quality seafood people that are working out in the oil fields in the western part of North Dakota. The repetition started growing we were able to expand and go to a few other places. We spent many hours building relationships with people on the East Coast the West Coast as well as the Gulf Coast. This is allowing us to supply high quality and even sometimes difficult to find seafood items that our customers have come to expect.

We’ve always prided ourselves in having the highest quality fresh as well as frozen seafood products possible. We always want to make them easily available to any of our customers so that they can enjoy high-quality seafood just like we do. So added different stops through out North Dakota. We have several stops in Bismarck Dickinson as well as Grand Forks and several others as well. Since we have routes they are structured in a to provide regular and dependable service. You can always count on us come to our stops at the exact time so you know where and what you can get.

We should keep our schedule consistent so that you know where we are going to be the most ups occur weekly or biweekly and sometimes arose while lapsed up that is just monthly. Right now we’re serving more than 35 different communities throughout North Dakota. We believe that we are just getting started. We the place to go for North Dakota Seafood.

If you’d like to check out more about our company you can go to or 701-850-6209 and look at all the different options that we carry and can see why people have been coming to get our food for almost 10 years. We are the place to go for North Dakota Seafood. Also if you buy seafood from us you will continue to come back and get that high-quality seafood if you and your family. We are always going to be reliable you were never going to give you anything that we do not find delicious.

Is The North Dakota Seafood Worth The Wait?


Here at off the hook seafood we have so many different options for you. We believe that there are so many different quality seafood options that you would be delighted to try to give you as many different options that we can. Growing up I had a few different options living in North Dakota Seafood before you move to the United Kingdom never knew how good seafood was or have a different types of seafood people. Another know I would love to hear that seafood with you.

Some of the different options we have is our chicken crab dip. This is going to be very tasty crab that is made from scratch. Most of what to enjoy this with bread or crackers. We want to make sure that you get this kicking crab dip if you like something grabbing in a little spice is perfect for you. Please also have the herring dip is creamy with some dill. This is going to be savory as well as creamy at the same time. The perfect blend of dill and sour cream memory address we hang in there to make this something that everyone is going to love.

Speaking of having to also had a hearing’s we find it. This is one of the all-time favorites. The have firm herring fillets that been marinated in a lovely sweet wine sauce. Anyone that lets Agnes is going to be there favorite. We also have a calamari salad. This is something that people want to eat and eat and does not put down. We know that you mommy feeling something is coming up and become popular so if you’re that amazing mommy flavor with some hints of sesame and soy the company the calamari perfectly because calamari salad is perfect for you. We are the place to go for North Dakota Seafood.

Another so that we have is our seaweed salad. Seaweed is high in nutrients high in those Omega three fatty acids and give you lots of health benefits. Can have a unique texture and is can have a flavor that you cannot forget. This salad is hard to be healthy lovely green color cannot wait to get this seaweed salad. And of course we always have the smoked salmon. The smoked salmon is excellent and very high-quality. This is smoked by a family fishery that has been on Lake superior since 1947. The non-smoker salmon they know where they been doing it for 80 years. You have to try the smoked salmon

One of the other favorites is a smoked white fish this mild voice and it is completely delectable. It is a smoked white fish is great on its own and people like to put it on their crackers or even in your own dip that you can make with the smoked white fish. If you’re looking for any type of North Dakota Seafood we are the place to come. Good check out our website or 701-850-6209 to see why people of a so much and how many great options that we have.