Whenever you order North Dakota Seafood from Off the Hook Seafood, you will see that we are the best Midwest Mobile Seafood market. As you will be able to see our options are extremely diverse. Anything from fresh to Frozen to specialty fish you will be able to find in our products list. Many of our clients love how amazing our customer services as well as the quality of our fish and seafood. We look forward to seeing you and providing you with the best fish possible and we know you will not regret making the decision of skipping the grocery store and finding the best source for your seafood.

We are here to be your Premier Source of fish and Frozen North Dakota Seafood. We proudly provide the Midwest with all of our diverse products as well as that resource of recipes for you to be able to get inspired. And many of our customers love this feature and that is the level of Excellence we are trying to give you today as they feel extremely catered to. You should only trust our company for your mobile seafood market as we cannot guarantee that other companies in the area will provide a fresh fish as we do.

There may be other North Dakota Seafood options available to you in the state, but do these companies have a catch-of-the-day portion to their menu? That is right, our Midwest Mobile Seafood Market has a Catch of the Day portion that will be updated daily on our website as well as postings of delivery schedules. If you have a delivery coming, be sure to check periodically on our website to see if there are any reschedules or inconveniences that will prevent your delivery from coming on time. For instance, our Catch of the Day at the moment is anything from salmon to Mahi to cod to halibut to crab.

Be sure to check out our mobile market and tuck route schedule to see if your town or your community is on our route list. We know that our seafood is in high demand in the state of North Dakota and we would eventually like to venture out into other states, but we would like to take care of our own state first. Again, be sure to give us a call and let us know if your community is very interested in participating in our route stop and we will do everything we can to reach out and provide that for you and your community.

You need to give us a call to add your community to our truck stop at the number 701-850-6209 and you can experience how amazing your customer service is from that phone call. If you are looking for our catch of the day as well as product list call me you will be able to find that on our website at www.sefoodofthehook.com and see how we got our start under our about us tab. We would love to be your primary source for seafood in the state of North Dakota as well as the midwest, and we would love to start with your family’s home today.

North Dakota Seafood | Catching the Good Stuff

If we told you North Dakota Seafood is amazing, you may not believe us. Unless you have had Off the Hook Seafood, you may think that a landlocked state will not have a good quality of seafood. With this Midwest Mobile Seafood market, we deliver premier fresh and frozen Seafood as well as specialty fish that we think you will be presently surprised with. With a mobile market route schedule available on our website as well as the Catch of the Day portion, our customers love everything about our company. We believe once you pre-order online through us that you are going to have the same experience and we would love to prove that to you today.

The reviews of our North Dakota Seafood are so positive that not only do we accept this positive feedback, but we are very proud to see that we are delivering everything that we are passionate about. From our amazing customer service to our amazing products, our customers rave on and on through our website as well as other social media about how they love our company. This company would not be in business if it was not for our loyal customers and that is something that we will treasure as long as we are open. You can also be sure to find our founder at some of the local stops to be able to give you extensive knowledge on each and every single product.

Our Catch of the Day is a portion that customers love as North Dakota Seafood is rare, but it is even rarer to have seafood available that has been caught same day. You may Wonder how you are going to cook the seafood and that is something we would also like to take care of as we have recipes online for inspiration as well as a cheat sheet to give your family the best meal they have ever had. If you are missing dry goods or spices, this is also something that we have available on our product list, so be sure to give it a view today.

You may be surprised to hear that we have alligator, squid, octopus, and more when it comes to out-of-the-box meats. Many of our customers say that our seasoned sausage and our shrimp burgers are the favorite among our products and we dare you to try out these products today. To be in line for the next order that gets delivered, be sure to pre-order as soon as possible as our demand is high in our state. Again We are very proud of hearing that we are in high demand, but we are going to make sure to deliver quality service to each and every single one of our customers.

To add your community to our route list, go ahead and give our friendly customer service representatives to call today when you dial the number 701-850-6209 and see how our staff members are helpful. If you would like to see our Catch of the Day portion as well as read our reviews, then you will want to see our easy-to-use website at www.seafoodofthehook.com and view all the different amenities that we have to offer. If you are looking to provide amazing Quality Seafood to your family in a landlocked state, then we suggest you only go with Off The Hook Seafood today.