It is now a possibility to receive amazing North Dakota Seafood, trout, and herring in a state that is not surrounded by a body of water. It does not matter what type of seafood you and your family thoroughly enjoy, we are going to have a product list that is going to cater to that and even your pickiest eater. From “normal” seafood options, to wild meat such as alligator, squid, and octopus, the options are endless and provided with amazing recipes to give your the best cooking possibilities! There has never been a time to order seafood in a landlocked state than when your town is a stop at their Midwest Mobile Seafood Market.

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North Dakota Seafood | Halibut and Cod

If you do not think North Dakota Seafood is available due to it being a landlocked state, then we are happy to tell you cannot be more wrong. There is no other market quite like ours as we provide our Mobile Market schedule on our website as well as an extensive product list that we know you will be thrilled with. Check out our different fundraising options as well as all the testimonials that previous customers like yourself have given us over the years and we guarantee that you will be more than tempted to order from us today.

We also have a North Dakota Seafood Catch of the Day portion on our website that, yes was caught on the same day. Here we will post everything from our Catch of the Day to our truck schedule updates as sometimes trucks can be delayed or canceled, so be sure to check out our website periodically to make sure that your truck is on time. If you have any questions regarding your delivery, we will be more than happy to check on the information for you if you give us a call. You will receive regular updates from us and constant communication to give you the best possible service.

You may be wondering how you are going to be able to cook North Dakota Seafood in the best way possible for your family. Not only do we have different products available for you on our product list, but we have dry goods available to help you with the seasoning and ingredients to prepare your meal as well as different recipes available. We are not just going to give you fish and tell you good luck, we are going to help you prepare the best dinner or meal possible for you and your family. That is a guarantee on our part!

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