Here is seafood off the we believe that we are not like any other company in the area. Our desire is to give you the highest quality seafood company in North Dakota. You’re always willing to go above and beyond to make sure that you get the food just like you wanted. Whenever going to use anything that is not high quality product we try to use as much fresh seafood as we can without any preservatives. Where many different options of our seafood is why we are the Best Seafood North Dakota.

We have many different options of shellfish not just fish and if you like our shellfish you can also get our clams that are chopped up these are cooked in these chopped clams are going to be frozen in their own juices can make cooking them a breeze but these’s claim stopped the chatter music in tips or pastas everyone cookies claims this would be an excellent option. We also have crawfish if you are from Louisiana or you enjoy the Cajun food you can get these crawfish hole so you can cook them at your next graph would boil. We also just have crawfish that is just the tell me. So you don’t have to use all your time suck in this graph is taking up little pieces meet can be ready to eat them at any time.

If you like to really impress your dinner guests can get a whole Dungeness crab. But the thing call Stephen Harvey to cook it bake it or boil it and is excellent for your guests when they come over and put this on the table crack it open and pour the butter over and really impress your guests having a whole large grab on your dinner table. If you are a fan can also get king crab. King crab is what people think of when they start thinking of crab these large crab legs we can even sell you some crab forks and some crab leg crackers to get all that paid out.

It’s a little bit different we have to Jonah crab the tuna crab is similar to that denseness crab and similar to the stone crab as well. We get these off of the East Coast and these have a wonderful meat. The Democrat is going to have a delicious meat and have a sweet taste we promise you will love it. A cousin of the crab if you like lobsters we have some of the biggest larger lobster crab you can buy. We can get you a jumbo size may promise you did a guest will thank you for that. I love lobster mac & cheese if you want to make swaps make cheese go ahead and buy this. Are lobsters one of the reasons why people think we are the Best Seafood North Dakota.

You see all of our different shellfish option is going good website at or 701-850-6209 and you’ll see how many different options we have scales and muscles matter what you want we can get it for you. Our customer service is why we are the Best Seafood North Dakota.

Is The Best Seafood North Dakota Right Here?


Here secret of the if you want to find some delicious scallops we are the place to go we have a several different options of scallops to choose from as well as many options of shellfish. We believe that our wide variety of shellfish is the reason that people consider us to be the Best Seafood North Dakota .

If you scallops we have sea scallops as well as they scallops. RC’s counselor can be large succulent scallops these are perfect if you like to just eat them like they are. Government paints here these and even by themselves as a main course. People love sees golf and we are to make sure that these are quality. If you like the smaller scalps is or can it be called your base scallops the scouts are good and be a little bit sweeter and they are cousins of this sea scallops. Small they scouts are perfect for any type of scampi for pasta. Halibut my seafood pasta fish scallops all of the seafood delicacies and the same if you put those scalps in a.

When her favorite things to do is sell the softshell crab. These are prime crabs and they are from Maryland. You know they are not getting too far from our own country so they should prevent fresh you can get them in a day or two of the fishermen catching them. Each subdivided these can come in a pack of four crabs. If you select that we also have the snow crab that you can get the large snow crab legs. These large lecture actually going to have some meat and he getting does look like a barely get me out of it but our legs can be large snow crab legs and we got can guarantee that is can have lots of meat in it. Our crab legs are the reason that we are the Best Seafood North Dakota .

If you’d like to try something different is not fish or selfish we also have Octopus. You can buy a large octopus to taste similar to lobster as a mild flavor which means every season it to take on the flavor of this he thinks he can make it taste however you like. We also have Octopus baby circle doctors babies but they are actually full-grown octopus. Is a Friday octopus that do not get very big. The findings octopus in a large plethora of dishes. For the to put these in a seafood salad a soup where marinade you can grill these have you do it is wide ready and we guarantee you will love these octopus.

Like to learn more about our company or see where we are going to be in next go ahead go to website at or 701-850-6209 so that you can get some of octopus for yourself or if you are one of the ones who loves those scalps go ahead and check us out so you can find out where we can to be you can preorder to make sure that you guaranteed a spot on the list and get those seafood that you want. We promise to try you’ll realize why we are the Best Seafood North Dakota .