Here seafood off the hook we started our business because we are to be up to share the excellent taste of the food. Our founders started out living in the Midwest. He grew up he never really ate any good seafood besides tuna some salmon some fish sticks nothing high-quality or unique. Once he moved to the United Kingdom he discovered his love for seafood. He also share that love with you and share the joy that he had he tried all of these excellent meals for the first time. His dedication to sharing the joy is the reason why people consider us the Best Seafood North Dakota.

We started seafood off the in 2013 we have been able to grow it ever since. We are mobile seafood market that means we drive around different stops in North Dakota and we have our seafood with us ready to go. We get fresh seafood and Fargo several times each week that means every couple days were getting fresh seafood from either the West Coast seacoast or the Gulf Coast. Some of the cities that we go to our Bismarck Dickinson and Grand Forks. You like to see all of the other routes he could check them out on our website. Try to go at the same time during the week each time so that you know exactly when we are coming. Some of our stops we go to once a month some every two weeks and so we go to weekly to make sure that people can get all of the seafood that they want. Right now we’re serving more than 35 communities throughout the state. We believe that we are just getting started.

In the future we would love to yield to deliver directly to your house when you order from us. Area to meet us at our modal mobile physician to pick up whatever you like. But only do we have normal seafood I called types of fish but also have some unique items that you can buy. Unique items as you can buy a whole alligator and we promise if you buy this this is going to be the main attraction of your next get-together. People are going to love to see a whole alligator being cooked, still like that picture as well. We also sell alligator meat that is chopped up for you this meet is going to be a little chewy but is going to be excellent if you fry it and make some gator guys. Also put in Chile for you even add it to tacos.

We believe that we have some of the best most interesting things by including Gary also by frog legs. Frog legs are always said taste like chicken and it is true they do taste somewhat like chicken. They’re great for be fried or eating bread him or you is cooking on the grill having to do it love you to try something new try some frog legs. Our unique items are one of the reasons why we are considered the Best Seafood North Dakota.

You’d like to know more about our company or see all of the different items go ahead and go to or 701-850-6209 and check out why we are the Best Seafood North Dakota.

Is The Best Seafood North Dakota A Great Taste?


What do we sell you all of the seafood that you can find here but we are also going to help you get the right seasoning for that seafood. Find the perfect seafood is only part of the battle also finding the perfect race easement is also going to be the other half of the battle. If you like some nice Louisiana mixes we have the perfect seasonings for you. Our seasonings are one of the reasons why people consider us to be the Best Seafood North Dakota.

If you love gumbo or shrimp Creole we have the perfect seasonings for both of those. All the seasonings make it really easy to make it can save you time and effort not mixing all these different seasonings and purchasing all the different ingredients at the store. Pick a ship grill all you have to do is add a little pepper and onion means growth curves and use sauce is going to be ready. All you do is trip in it and put it over surprised you have perfect from real pretty go. Same thing goes for our gumbo base all you have to do is open up the package and just as seafood for your meat but over some rice and you be ready to go no time.

We know the airfares coming a little more popular over the last few years and if you want to not mess with that oil is still going to be delicious go ahead and we had the perfect breading for air frying fish. Even easier fry for some fish don’t all that oil be a little bit healthier going to try the spreading and we still want to give you that crunchy fried fish that you desire. If you love the deep fryer we have multiple types of fish fry for you. Still want to go that Cajun deep-fried fish we have an excellent safety plan for you. Just like a normal Chris Wright have excellent fish fry works excellent for fish oysters as well as shrimp. And we have the New Orleans style fish fry if you want to use that as well.

Thinks you have is our barbecue shrimp sauce. I thought you think of barbecued shrimp but when I was New Orleans has barbecue and we have an excellent mix so that you can make that barbecue shrimp sauce is easy to make and you can have an excellent meal coming up. We also have seasonings that we have some different types of rice so that you can have a quick meal that fish ready to discuss price and you have your meal ready to go. The fact that we sell rice and seasoning is one of the reason why people choose us for the Best Seafood North Dakota.

If you’d like to know more about a company go ahead and go to or 701-850-6209 so you can see why people choose to come to us in while we are continually growing. We know once you try our fresh seafood you’ll see why we are the Best Seafood North Dakota.