Yes if you think we have as quality seafood anywhere in the area. This is what people consider us to be the Best Seafood North Dakota. Many people ask us questions because they say had is such good seafood and North Dakota. We have many different ways that we can do this and we are committed to always giving you the best products that we can. Most of our product is from the ocean and we have vendors on all three ghosts of America. We have it on the East Coast on the West Coast as well in the Gulf Coast. Several times a week we are going to receive some fresh products in Fargo and we’re going to get shipments of frozen items every other week.

So yes we do get some fresh shipments of stuff in Fargo several times per week to meet every couple days we getting fresh food each time we are coming to you it is going to be fresh from the ocean with in a couple days. Our goal is to only get wild caught seafood. We do want to get farmed unless we are completely in a bind. But we only use farmers to have the highest quality and best farming practices. Right now we can only do orders if you come and pick it up from our regular stops. We stopped at many different cities in North Dakota and if you’d like to come and pick it up look at our website you can see one of our stops and find the perfect time to schedule.

In the future we would love to be able to ship things to people something right now we do not have the ability to do that but in the near future our goal is to be able to deliver directly to your home significant fresh seafood anywhere anytime. Whenever you buy fresh seafood is not frozen you usually need to use your items within 1 to 2 days if possible. If you cannot use in that time go ahead and freeze it can use it anytime you want. We are the Best Seafood North Dakota.

If you love the cooking a seafood boil you’re not sure how to do it we would love to be able to help you. Because it timing is a key part of having a excellent oil. One of things we do is we season our water when we do the boil and then we add the potatoes first. So but but those baby potatoes in your water season the water and then cook those for about 6 to 8 minutes. The next thing I liked Edwin and the boil after potatoes is corn on the compliment to cook for about five minutes and then at the end of the boil is when you and at this seafood whatever seafood you are going to at him. So most of it only needs about 5 to 6 minutes with shrimp only needing about three minutes.

So you like to taste some of the Best Seafood North Dakota they go ahead and go to or 701-850-6209 to check all the different options that we have and give you something that you and your family are going to love. We promise to try us you will understand why we are the best ways to go.

Is The Best Seafood North Dakota A Great Gift?


We always do our best to fulfill any special orders that you like. We know we arty have a wide variety of 100 different items to choose from but sometimes you want something special that you may not see on our regular item list. If there is something that you want you can always ask us and we will talk to our vendors that are out at the sea and see what they can do for us. Usually when you do a special item we are going to require a deposit when you place the order and sometimes depending on what type of item you are ordering there might be a minimum amount of that specific seafood fish or shellfish to order when you do it.

Here at seafood off we are committed to being the Best Seafood North Dakota and giving you the best customer service that you can’t. You always treated like family as we are here to help people and to obey seafood. Make money that something we did see that it was could be the best business idea but because we won it to give you the best seafood that you can get in the Midwest. When I grew up in North Dakota I was not able to get very high quality seafood. All eight was tuna and fish sticks but now what I moved to the United Kingdom I figured out that people do enjoy seafood for host of different reasons because it’s delicious and we love it.

Our goal is to share the love of seafood with you and your family. Some a great benefits from eating seafood especially the omega-3 fatty acids that are going to be beneficial a lot of your health reasons. If you like to see all of the items that we carry you can go to our website are fresh items are in a change on a regular basis and we update our list quite often so that you can see all of the items that we’re going to sell.

Some of the most popular items are our Argentine red shrimp. These are the most popular shrimp that we sell anywhere. These are to be large shrimp and to be wild caught with a unique flavor. These are already deveined and you are promised that you cannot love them. And if I speak of that we have is our black tiger shrimp is again repealed and deveined as well they have a unique appearance and that is why they are called the black tiger shrimp. They are easily to recognize and again I have a crisp and firm texture. Our wide variety of shapes like people consider this to be the Best Seafood North Dakota.

If you like to check out all of our Cisco had good website at or 701-850-6209 and if you check out all the multiple different types should we have we have many tribes of sharp recruiting burgers and our goal shrimp. We would love you to be a good customer and realize that we are the Best Seafood North Dakota.