To find the best seafood North Dakota has to offer, you are only going to want to go to Off the Hook seafood. Being the Midwest Mobile Seafood market, our selections are Premier Sources for fresh and frozen seafood. With plenty of customer reviews and pre-ordering options, we hope to provide convenience and confidence to our future clients before they even log on. You will be able to check out our mobile market route schedule to see if your town is on the list that we will supply to as well as check out our Catch of the Day feature.

Our mobile market route schedule shows the best seafood North Dakota has to offer coming to a town near you! We are not only open just business hours, but we will have truck routes going into 7:30 in the evening. Do not worry if you do not get off work and make it home in time by business hours, we guarantee you that there is going to be a truck stop that works best for you, your lifestyle, and your time. Go ahead and pre-order today to get your products off of our truck by using our truck route online.

We are not saying that there is no Seafood in North Dakota, but there is only one Best Seafood North Dakota can offer and that is going to be the company with a product list ranging from crab to herring to Salmon to Alligator to clam to even dry goods. We are so confident in our product list and its diversity that we challenge all of our customers to try something new each time. If you are unsure of what to cook a specific fish with or how to make sure something is properly cooked, we provide recipes on our website as well!

Nothing says fresh seafood quite like off the hook today’s catch seafood. We update our Catch of the Day daily, so be sure to keep updated on our website to keep a look out for your favorite fish. If there are any delivery truck delays or weather concerns, we will utilize this option to update our customers so they have the most updated information possible. You can get your frozen, fresh, or fresh from-the-day fish whenever you pre-order, or give us a call to place your order today. We know you are going to enjoy everything we have to offer.

If you are looking to have the best seafood on a landlocked island, then you are going to have to call none other than Off the Hook seafood. We are available at the phone number 701-850-6209 and a customer service representative will be more than happy to direct your questions and concerns. If you would like to view our product list for yourself in extensive detail, be sure to go online to our website at to view all of our money different options we have available. We look forward to supplying your family with the best fish around and expect you to give us a call soon.

Best Seafood North Dakota | Fish and Chips

To find the Best Seafood North Dakota has to offer, there is only going to be One Midwest mobile seafood market that will be able to get you premium fresh and frozen seafood. That is going to be none other than Off The Hook Seafood located in North Dakota and here to serve at 35-plus communities with amazing Seafood opportunities. We have an extensive product list that varies from alligator to squid to fish, fresh or frozen. We also have a truck route that delivers Wednesdays through Sundays and we have a Catch of the Day feature that many people utilize and love.

The founders of best seafood North Dakota originally got their start in 2013 when they used to drive to Western North Dakota to provide Seafood options for those who worked on the oil rig. Going from door to door to maintain and create relationships and connections, the founders worked their way up from there to now having over 35 communities they serve. They look to expand their truck route as much as possible and would like to be able to venture outside of the state one day. However, the founders do recognize that they enjoy giving back to their state, and all fundraising through this company will be given back to the state.

We guarantee you that the best seafood North Dakota has to offer is going to fall under the product list that has crab, herring, salmon, white fish, shrimp, catfish, cod, and so much more available to you and your family’s dinner table. Not only do we have fresh and frozen fish options available, but we also have seasoning and dry goods for your convenience. Do not know how to cook all of the seafood? Have no fear as we have recipes available online on our website as well. You cannot go wrong with our company and we will be sure to provide as much assistance as we can for your family to have a diet that is full of fish.

Fundraising options are available as this family-owned company focuses on providing customers and partners in the state with the best seafood to be found anywhere. We can partner with church groups, Athletic teams, schools, youth groups, or other community organizations when you partner with Off the hook seafood. There will be a well-organized program to help you in the development process of the organization. Clear instructions will be given to help keep the organization on the right track and we will also provide easy implementation and product fulfillment for your organization. It is a no-brainer to use Off The Hook Seafood for your fundraising options today.

Be sure to give our friendly customer service representative the call today when you dial the number 701-850-6209 and discuss all the different products that we have available to you as well as see if you can get your town on a truck route if it is not already on there. To see a full extensive list of our products as well as the Catch of the Day options, be sure to go online to our website at and please let us know if you have any questions or concerns from the website. We look forward to representing the Midwest with amazing Seafood options and we would like to start in your home today.