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Only the best seafood North Dakota has the offer is at Off The Hook . If you’re not sure what to get Joanne or Facebook community page and be inundated with amazing recipes and other ideas so you can put together an amazing creole dish for family and friends. If you’re not into the whole spicy option thing, then we have a numerous other options for you as well with less space. These options include octopus, frog legs, and multiple brat offerings that won’t burn your tongue off. If you do like the spicy options, rest assured, we have you covered on that as well. We have mini breadings and seasonings that can help you crave your spicy appetite.

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Best seafood North Dakota | What seafood are you missing?

The best seafood North Dakota has to offer is available in one location. Although that one location is not entirely true, because we have a multitude of truck routes but we visit Multiple Town St., North Dakota. While we source our food at one location to get ready for the stops, we sought to provide the greater North Dakota area as a hole with fresh seafood options. The only way to do this was to begin a truck route where seafood fanatics such as yourself could visit us. We have developed quite the community, this includes incredible community activities over the bond and love of seafood, but also includes a sharing of amazing recipes. We look forward to seeing your entry on the Facebook page very soon. this will let us know that you are fully in grand in the Off The Hook seafood Facebook community page.

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