Progressive enough of that if you want shellfish we have many options of shellfish. We know most of us if you love to think about this but there are many other types of seafood available. Our founders started out in the Midwest and he didn’t eat any good fish going at once he moved to United Kingdom he quickly saw that there were many types of different fish and shellfish to eat. We wanted to share this excellent experience with you that you feel he can try many different types of food and love it. The premise that we are the place to go for the Best North Dakota Seafood.

The top shellfish that we sell is our softshell crab. Straight from Maryland and is going to be ready for all of your recipes. A study by softshell crabs and mail it comes in a pack of four. Four crabs each pack six dollars per crap. Another can we have is. These are to be the large legs and about all that work you have to go through these are going to have excellent meat. Give it a try Arsenal grants can be delicious we promise. Another thing I personally our scallops. Two scallops in a couple different scallop auctions have scallops that are from the bay area is in a be a little bit smaller but they going to be sweet tasting. These are perfect but to put them scampi’s or any process. I love me seafood pasta scallops and it

If you like to get some bigger scallops to eat by themselves in the sea scallops pay scales are smaller and sweeter sea scallops are large. These are incredibly flavorful and you can put these on a fancier interest eat them as they are. Unit is scallops by themselves go for the sea scallops. The other shellfish that we have are the muscles muscles are tasty. Can it be delicious in any dish. You can add up to a variety of dishes to put them in any type of pasta you can put them in Boston put some marinara sauce… Like that. Or in my favorite is putting muscles and scampi. We promise all of seafood is high quality that is why we are considered the Best North Dakota Seafood.

If you like to get something delicious we know that you think it lobster. We have some excellent lobster tails that are cold water in the North Atlantic. We know that people love lobster tails we offer them in 45 ounce sizes as well as medium and even jumbo sizes if you would love to get a jumbo size lobster tail to impress your friends we would love to give you that jumbo lobster tail. We note that the lobster pill makes any seafood lover happy.

If you see why everyone says that we are the Best North Dakota Seafood go to or 701-850-6209 check out all of our different products. We have hundreds of products we know you will find one you love.

What’s The Best North Dakota Seafood To Find?


If you’re a fan of crab comes to seafood off of it. We have a wide selection of different crabs to choose from. Is that Joan had caught this is something you love to try. The drone crab are relative of the tenseness and they have some similarities to the stone crab. We get these Democrats off the East Coast of the United States. The general crabs. Have a delicious meat with a sweet taste. We believe the Arjuna crab shows us why we are the Best North Dakota Seafood.

As efficacy like we know that people love the King crab. We know this can be expensive but we believe that we sell at a perfect price for you because it is worth all of that price. The King crab is what you think of whatever people think of eating crab. That has these big legs with tons of meat and the large claws that are on the and. This is one of the most well-known crabs and this is why it is called taking crap because people love it. We also have the Dungeness crab. He can buy the Dungeness crab hole or you can buy in a cluster. The denseness crab is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a good looking presentation. Cook that whole crab by itself set a plate and that crack up in front of everyone can bake it for boil week steam it. So if you’re looking to impress your guests get a hold denseness crab.

If you’re looking for some it will smaller you can get a denseness crab cluster. These are going to be a sweeter tasting crab and clusters are gonna be perfect matter how you want to make it. You can make the denseness crab baked you can boil it or you can steam it can be delicious no matter how you cook it. And if you are from the south of the United States we believe that we have some excellent stuff for you. If you miss your home cooking down there we are to have multiple different crawfish that you can buy. We have full crawfish from your very own Louisiana. These are going to be easy and perfect for any crawfish boil. These crawfish every pre-coach that means that you need to worry about how exactly to sign to get a Mormon put them in it boils the heat them up crawfish will be ready to go.

I crawfish or why we are the Best North Dakota Seafood. We also have crawfish tail meat so if you don’t to take all that work in opening these crawfish break about trying to get that meat out we arty have done that for you you can buy just the tell me of the crawfish. This TellMe is Artie can be seasoned and cooked so easy to hook up don’t need to do anything crazy save you a lot of time and still get that great Cajun taste. What are the things result is that if shellfish is our claims. We have chopped clams that are frozen in their own juice this is going to make cooking these clamps so easy. People love making clam chowder pasta for claimed it. Have you niece’s claim go ahead. We are the Best North Dakota Seafood.

Sequential get to replace or 701-850-6209 and you’ll see why we are the Best North Dakota Seafood.