Off The Hook Seafood we have the best North Dakota Seafood around and we are quite proud of this we are proud that we have developed this company, sorry and it’s a happening model that we have so that we can bring the best North Carolina seafood to you and your family. We have a very varied menu that we have taken our time to create into something that we are quite proud of, and we have a menu that ranges all the way from smoked salmon and smoked Whitefish We have as many as six different kinds of shrimp that are always changing because we make sure to get the freshest shrimp around as with all of our products so that menu I am at 10 to change it as with availability.

So whenever you get a shrimp from a slew of going to know that it is going to be the precious that you could get. We also want you to know that if you do not cook your shrimp within 24 to 48 hours you’re going to want to vacuum seal and freeze it. But that’s okay if you do because it’s going to taste just as well if you get it out of the freezer after freezing or if you cook it right away. Also, we would suggest that you try some amazing and original shrimp burgers. They are crowd-pleasers and usually something that goes very fast at such a great price. It’s not hard to see why the price happens to be just $16 per box and there are four burgers in a box so that means if that is dinner for probably your whole family.

At $16 a box, you cannot bathe that when have you ever thought of seafood and thought it is a cheap solution for dinner for your family? Well, that’s what you can do whenever you get our shrimp burgers in a box. While they are simple they are delicious containing only 4 ingredients. But they are the perfect 4 ingredients to go together because they create something that is just going to be a great pleasure for your taste buds and fill your stomach in a way that makes you want to go and take a nap when you’re finished.
It’s not quite like eating a salmon pate that came out of a can I can promise you that although I did grow up with the same Best North Dakota Seafood patties and I think that they’re still pretty great not everybody does and you are going to see the difference in quality and freshness whenever you compare them to a shrimp burger.

Another crowd favorite is our whole La crawfish. If you’ve never had a crawfish boil then you are missing out. It is something that everybody experiences at least once in their life, so even if you live in Kansas you can try this with our Best North Dakota Seafood delivery service. We also have whole crabs that Grace our menu you when they are fresh so make sure you give us at 701-850-6209 or check us out at

Best North Dakota Seafood | Kickin Crab Dip

You are going to love our Kickin Crab dip. It is one of the best North Dakota Seafood menu items around. because it is made with the very precious crap that we can get out of the ocean. It is also always made from scratch. And we have a recipe that is going to blow your mind. This is one that we are quite proud of because it is original and we love crab so we know how to make it very tasty. We would love to give you the ingredients but it is a secret. And it is delicious every single time you can enjoy it with crackers or on bread or even just your fingers we’re not going to judge if there is anybody else around you because they’re all going to be too busy eating our Kickin Crab dip too.

if crap isn’t your style then you should check out our calamari salad it is an amazing group of flavors that contains sesame and soy and something that you’ve just never really had before so you have to try it because it is original is amazing and it is hard to quit eating once you have started. We have never had a complaint about our calamari salad. Everybody loves it and you should try it because you are going to love it too.

If these two don’t sound like they are going to be your favorite and there’s always the smoke white Smith Whitefish which happens to be the most decadent Kent and moist Whitefish you have ever eaten in it are ever going to eat we can promise you that is wonderful if you eat it on crackers or if you eat it just on your own. or with friends, we are not going to judge if we find you in a closet eating all the smoked Whitefish. Because this is an amazing thing and if you want to add it to a dip you can make your Berry own smoked Whitefish dip and everybody is going to believe that you are a five-star Chef whenever you do this so it’s super yummy and just any little trip.

Of course, we also have our smoked salad salmon which is mouth-watering. It is wild-caught and it is smoked see Perfection. These Oaks are the real deal. They are smoked at a family fishery on the south shore of Lake Superior and have been since 1947. That is quality folks, that is how we offer the best North Dakota Seafood on the market that we are sure of and that we are proud of.

So we do hope that you are on our route of deliveries and That we will be able to help you and your family get some of these yummy snacks because as of right now direct ordering is not available so give us a call at 701-850-6209 Or go to our website