You’re absolutely the best North Dakota seafood. Where to deliver you quality and good tasty food. We have a premier source of fresh and frozen seafood and you could be able to learn more information about the Midwest Mobile seafood market by visiting our website. You’ll be able to read our reviews and pre-order online today. And you’ll be able to see our route schedule from the mobile market. You’ll be able to see our huge product list while we offer specialty meats such as alligator, squid, octopus, and sushi-grade fish. Allow us to give you the best quality seafood. On our website, you could also visit our recipes and more for shrimp cocktail, cocktail sauce, pan-shared swordfish, blackened catfish, hot crab dip, cold crab dip, pan-seared salmon, jambalaya, and muscle and shrimp steel. Will be able to give you test tasty recipes with our juicy quality seafood.

Delivering the best North Dakota seafood we are dedicated to live up to our standards. We are passionate about printing our customer’s juicy seafood that will have them coming back for more. For our customers you keep coming back for more we have a truck route online you’ll be able to keep up with our pick-up locations. And you’ll be able to pre-order online for all of your specialty and regular seafood items that we have to offer. If you did not see an item on our product list you’ll be able to call us and place a special order and I am sure we can get it for you through the dependable services that we go through to make sure that you get quality and juicy seafood.

To keep up on your stock of the Best North Dakota seafood, Off The Hook is more than willing to deliver you the top seafood in North Dakota. We are planning to expand to deliver the best juicy seafood. We work with the best distributors from coast to coast. Most of our seafood is caught wild. Giving you that like a taste of fresh juicy seafood. We have a variety of delicious seafood from anything from our deli items that include crab dip and calamari, shrimp, fresh fish or frozen, shellfish, and other specialty items such as octopus, gator, squid, frog legs. We also offer our seasonings and dry goods to make your seafood dinner immaculate give me that taste at your love. We also offer other meats that are non-seafood such as our bacon slab, pork, shrimp and crawfish, sausage. Our products on her website the prices are subject to change. We can assure you that each and every single time Can you order from us you’ll be receiving the best quality seafood they will be in your area. We are rated highly, and with our high ratings we also live up to the quality of the food that we have to offer.

To reach one of our customer representatives about when will it be in route for your mobile market please call us at 701 850 6209. For more recipes and to pre-order online you can visit our website at

Best North Dakota Seafood | Allowing You To Pre-order Today

What to expect when you pre-order the Best North Dakota seafood. When pre-ordering juicy seafood from off the hook seafood, Orders will need to be submitted Monday mornings by 9 AM. There will be a $30 nonrefundable deposit is required for pre-orders and this will be deducted from your final purchase price. You’ll have to fill out a form that has your first and last name the name on the deposit must match the name on the form of payment. You’ll have an option to enter your email and phone number so we can contact you. You will be providing your pick up location whichever on is closest to you. Yo you able to schedule a pick up date and pick up is available only on the schedule starts at your closest location you’ll be able to refer to our route schedule for more details and dates. Be sure that you can come and pick up your order when it is ready, it is unfortunate but no Close to pick up their order can be disqualified from service in the future. So keep that in mind when you pre-ordering juicy seafood.

Pre-ordering is one way to make it convenient for our customers allowing them to place the order and pick up in the best location and times to fit their schedule. You will not be disappointed when ordering the Best North Dakota seafood. It is our mission to deliver you The best quality to food. We have fresh and frozen fish, shellfish, meet some more that will be able to bring you quality fresh seafood products to your dinner table. And you don’t know what to do with all of your seafood options you’ll be able to get inspired by our recipes and more our website. And we are probably providing the best freshest seafood options. We have great customer service crazy good efficiency food. Our members are so knowledgeable about our products and have great cooking tips.

We serve high quality product and we are able to give you precise insight of where we get our seafood from. Allowing us to deliver the Best North Dakota seafood. I want to make sure all of our customers have a good experience when come in and they get a high quality products and honest prices. We are confident that our customers will be impressed with the selection of seafood that we offer. If you were looking for a juicy fresh seafood in your area feel free to visit us online to be able to see when our next stop is closest to you. You can go online to view our route and scheduling information whenever needed.

To reach out to one of our customer representatives you can call us at 701 850 6209 to pre-order yours juicy seafood Saturday you can visit our website and look at our inventory online at