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How do we welcome the best North Dakota seafood company? Great question! Gone up in a small town just outside of Fargo our experience with many of Midwesterners. The main dishes that we indulge in was too hot to dish, fish sticks, and occasionally Walleye I or northern pike was put out on our dinner table. In 1999 the owner of the company study in the Ukraine where he met his wife. They have amazing seafood experiences. His wife is the one who actually introduces some of the most amazing fresh tasty seafood like grilled sardines, mackerel rail, snapper and so much more. They got married after a while he Noia has moved to the United States in 2004. However the couple was looking to grow and the new that they wanted more than a regular 9 to 5 lifestyle.

Their family set out an exciting new venture in the spring of 2013 where they start off the hook seafood which is a mobile seafood market. We began bringing top-quality seafood to hungry people working in the oil fields. After many years of blowing their reputation one door at a time as many hours building relationships with sources on the East, West, and Gulf Coast to build up a supply of high quality seafood, they finally came to a beneficial point. They often have a hard time finding items of the customer wanted. However one thing that was always important to them was that they provided their customers with the quality of a truly deserve gaining the reputation of the best North Dakota seafood company.

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