If you were looking for the Best North Dakota Seafood, then you are only going to want to try Off the Hook Seafood. What is so special about this company is it is the Midwest Mobile Seafood market. As many people know, it is hard to get Quality Seafood in landlocked areas, you now have a mobile Marketplace that provides amazing fish for a healthy price. Your Premier Source for fresh and frozen seafood can be found whenever you go online and start to pre-order from us today. With an extensive product list and a diligent truck route, there is going to be something for everybody located in North Dakota.

Although the best North Dakota Seafood is only serving a little over 35 stops at the moment, this company is looking forward to providing Seafood to more States other than North Dakota in the future. With a passion for seafood from our founders, this company wants to make sure that quality is done right every time over trying to push as much business out of state as possible. Although the company is wanting to expand the business, current fundraising for this company is all going back to a community in the state or in the upper midwest. We have a passion for seafood and we have a passion for our own community.

Not only are you going to have a variety of the best North Dakota Seafood on our product list, but we are also going to supply other ingredients to help enhance Seafood such as dry goods and ingredients. Yes, that is right we are going to give you the best seafood that is available and we are also going to give you ingredients on how to properly prepare that. Seafood can be intimidating in the kitchen, but this is why we want to give you the best prices possible as well as the best tips possible to make sure that your family completely enjoys this amazing Off The Hook Seafood experience.

Be sure to make yourself frequent our website as we have a Catch of the Day tab that provides up-to-date information about delivery trucks and possible cancellations or reschedules of routes. North Dakota can have crazy weather, but we do our due diligence to let all of our customers know on our website exactly what is going on and what we are capable or incapable of doing. Not only will you need to check on this daily to see if your route is on time, but we update our catch of the days, you guessed it, daily!

If you have any questions or if it sounds too good to be true, our friendly customer service representatives would love to give you a chat whenever you dial us at our number 701-850-6209. Be sure to start looking at our product list online at our website www.seafoodoffthehook.com as well as check out our pre-ordering options to start your Off The Hook Seafood experience today. We ensure that this journey is going to be a great one not only for you but for your family and look to provide you with quality seafood.

Best North Dakota Seafood | The Best in the Midwest

There is one place that you should trust to find the best North Dakota seafood and that is going to be, surprisingly, a mobile seafood market. Off The Hook Seafood is the Midwest mobile seafood market that is guaranteed to provide fresh or frozen Seafood with Quality that is unlike any other company in the Midwest region. It is understandable that good seafood is hard to find in landlocked states, but with this traveling market, now North Dakota has the availability to enjoy fresh seafood that people living in a coastal state can enjoy. We guarantee that you were going to love it just as much if not more than Coastal states.

Whenever you go online to check out the best North Dakota seafood, you will see that we have an extensive product list ranging from alligator to squid to Cod to trout. Our truck route is posted online to give you accessibility into if your town is on our stop. And if you do not find your stop on our route, be sure to give us a call today to recommend that we add you to our schedule. We are trying to expand the business, especially in the North Dakota region, and would love to be able to provide for your town today.

If you are intimidated to cook the best North Dakota Seafood from Off the Hook Seafood, have no fear. Not only do we provide a variety of seafood, frozen, fresh, or shellfish, but we also provide dry goods and recipes available to help give your seafood dinner everything it needs in preparation for an awesome experience. With many of our customers loving our seasoning as well as our recipes, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to ordering from our company, picking it up, and making it at home by yourself. Your family is going to love you and I’m sure you are going to love us.

Fundraising is definitely an option for Off The Hook Seafood as we are always trying to give back to our community, or at least the midwest. We offer fundraising options for church groups, school groups, big organizations, or small organizations, it does not matter as long as it is something our family-owned company believes in. We are very passionate about giving back to our community and to our world and hope it reflects so in the way we do business as well as the way we craft this excellent Seafood for our customers.

We are sure you have many questions so go ahead and give us a call today at the number 701-850-6209to discuss this with a friendly customer service representative. You are also going to find an array of information whenever you go online to our easy-to-use website at www.seafoodoffthehook.com to start pre-ordering or checking to see if your town is on our truck route. Everyone deserves to have good seafood dinners, no matter where they live, and that is exactly what we are trying to provide for you and your family today!